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    Housing Ministry: A Lift Of Blacklisted Housing Developers In Malaysia – Take Note of These Developers If You Want To Buy From These Companies

    When you’re looking to buy a house, you have to pour in a lot of research as it is definitely not cheap...

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    “Sex Sells!” – It’s Hard To Believe That Malays Used This Method In The Past!!!

    It’s surprising how much has changed in the Malaysian media nowadays. I know some of you might be thinking that Malaysians now...

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    While we are always in the loop of what’s the latest news of Korean idols, like when is the latest girl/boy group debuting?...

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    ISIS Want To Kidnap Najib – What Malaysians Say When ISIS Announced That They Plan To Kidnap Najib?

    There was an attempt by Daesh (or Islamic State) to kidnap Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak early last year, revealed Deputy Prime...

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    The Finalized List of Businesses And Items Affected By SST – 10% For Sales And 6% For Services And Exempted List

    If you’ve somehow missed the news, the Sales and Services Tax  (SST) will be replacing the Goods and Services Tax (GST), which...

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    Malaysian Woman Spends Less Than RM200 For Three Weeks Worth Of Meat For Six People

    With our uncertain economic conditions and high living cost in Malaysia, saving money and managing our expenditure is very important. One of...

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    China To Implement “Chinese Card” For Malaysians Born Chinese

    "No matter where the Chinese people are, China will always be their "maternal home"". - President Xi Jinpi

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    10 Facts About Winter Solstice ( Dong Zhi ) Festival That Every Malaysian Chinese Should Know

    1. Symbolizes Family Unity And Harmony Chinese have been celebrating the changing seasons for well over 2,500 years . The festival that fall...

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    TOP 35 Sweetest and Romantic Moments of Chryesis Tan and Her Fiancee

    The internet has pretty much fallen head over heels for this ‘new’ sensational couple when they publicly announced that they were getting...

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    Want To Live Long? 256-Year-Old Man Reveals His Tips For Longevity Before Dying

    While has rated the story unproven (it’s also hard to prove whether or not it’s true), I’d say this story deserves...

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    [LIST] Snores Keeping You Awake? Here Are A Few Things You Can Do To Reduce Snoring

    Do you have a partner, friend or family member who snores so loudly at night that it prevents you from falling asleep?...

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    5 Things Anyone (Including Non-Muslims) Could Do To Start Observing A Wholesome Ramadhan

    The Ramadhan has started a whole week ago and more, yet it can be seen that we have found plenty of people...

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    Top 10 Numbers To Count From!

    I know, this is going to come off as a very unnecessary or unimportant list. But read it first! I’m sure you’ll...

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    23 reasons why couples divorce, in Selangor!

    In Malaysia, we hear a lot of couples divorcing. But have we ever thought about the reasons why they actually divorce? You...

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