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10 Reasons The Malaysian ‘Amoi’ You Love Isn’t Ready To Settle Down


10 Reasons The Amoi You Love Isn’t Ready To Settle Down

She’s the perfect embodiment of your ideal woman. She has a great sense of humour, ambitious, loving, caring, smart, and sexy with curves in all the right places. Truly God’s magnum opus.

She’s the perfect woman for you.You love her and know without doubt that this is a woman you want to settle down with and start a family with. You want to settle down.

But, what happens when you pop the question and find out she isn’t ready for such a huge leap in commitment?

You question your decisions over the time you’ve been with her. You start to wonder was it because of the time you did that one thing and she wasn’t too happy about it. You start to doubt your capacity and ability as a lover and that if she’s lost interest in you.

Overthinking kills you, my friend.

As a person who’s had life close it’s many doors and paths to because of my overthinking, you should trust me when I say that; you’re overthinking.

Why she may not be ready to settle down, might surprise you.

Women these days are more ambitious than ever compared to the hey days where women had no rights, weren’t allowed to work, and were nothing more than procreating machines for population.

They are now more brave and ambitious and ever since women’s rights have been amended greatly and as they stand beside us men, and no longer behind us.

Here are 10 reasons the woman you love isn’t ready to settle down:


1. She Wants A Career 

She won’t settle down yet because she wants a career.

She probably wants to be a professional and have power or a high place in society, just like men do.She wants to wake up one day, in a wad of cash, beaming from ear to ear and say, “I did it!”

She wants to feel proud and content with herself through achievements she fought for with her own blood, sweat and tears; and not ride on the successes of her husband.

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Women, like men, have the need to feel accomplished. They have, much like us, developed a sort of inferiority complex. They need to feel they have something no one can take away from them, something secure, like: an education and worlds of knowledge.

They want to be taken seriously and show the world they aren’t just ‘Trophy Girls’ (Pretty faces with no skill).


2. She Wants To Be Independent 

She won’t settle down yet because she wants to enjoy living alone.

She probably lived with her parents until she was 18/19 years old like most Malaysians. Then, she went to live with a roommate in her college dorm, and she went back to her parents after graduation.

Now that she has a stable job and lives alone, she wants to enjoy her home.She wants to pimp up, light candles and incense all over the house, walk around in her comfortable clothes that no eyes should ever see, leave a mess in the bathroom after doing her makeup, spend entire Sundays in her pajamas without bathing, eat out every day and not have to worry about anyone else but her self.

A carefree spree would best describe it.


3. She Craves Adventure 

She won’t settle down yet because she has wanderlust.

She went to study abroad in University, and now she can’t get enough of the Western culture.

She’s become a travel junkie, a shoestring backpack traveller and she won’t settle down until she fulfils her craving for travelling.

She wants to explore life on her own. She wants to see new places, discover new cultures and make beautiful memories; ones that she will be able to cherish till the end of her days.


4. Freedom

She won’t settle down yet because she wants to enjoy her friends and family.

She wants the comfort of enjoying a whole day off at KL with her BFF’s go to the spa with her friends and go food hunting in Klang.

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She wants to go to diner with her mother during evenings and go clubbing with her friends at night.

She wants to go to sleep in KL and wake up in Singapore.

She wants to be able to do things without having to explain where she disappeared to, or why dinner hasn’t been served yet.

Basically, things that settling down would never allow.

Women enjoy their freedom.


5. Enjoyment

She won’t settle down yet because she loves that stimulating, thrilling feeling of not knowing what to expect; the feeling of being open to anything life throws at her.It’s exciting!

She wants to live her life without having everything planned out.

A spontaneous act!

She wants to just enjoy the ride we call life and welcome the things and people that naturally waltz into her life.


6. Time

She won’t settle down yet because she wants time for personal and spiritual growth.

She wants to learn the things she likes and dislikes.She wants to discover herself. Affirm her identity.

She wants to find direction.


7. Her Financials

She won’t settle down yet because she wants to enjoy her economic independence.

Now that she’s finally graduated from college, has a stable job and makes decent money, she wants to enjoy spending it on her own.

She wants to go to that fancy restaurant in Bukit Bintang, venture to the music haven of Tomorrowland, buy the car of her dreams or buy the new Christian Louboutin shoes she saw in a magazine.

She wants to pamper herself because she deserves it.

Nobody can tell her what not to buy, and what to buy.

She will never have felt this free.

She knows her priorities will change once she settles down, and she starts thinking about buying a house and saving up money for family trips.


8. Maturity

She won’t settle down yet because she wants to make sure you’re ready to put your grown-up pants on.

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She want you to go on adventures, make mistakes, get to know yourself in solitude and have all the experiences you were meant to have before you settle down.

She wants to make sure you’ve done everything you need to do as a single man, so you’ll be ready to start experiencing things as a couple and spend the rest of your life with her.


9. Superstitious 

She’s superstitious

A lot of women these days seek out the help of fortune tellers or religious workers to know when is the best time they should get married.

They believe the age they get married is a key component to a happy marriage and chances are, a fortune teller of sorts told her that the best time to get married is a year from the year you want to settle down. So just wait a year, you’re in no hurry!

She probably won’t tell you about this too because chances are, if she tells you this, you’ll end up thinking she’s some crackpot fool.



She needs more time to be sure you’re the one she wants to spend the remainder of her life with

Maybe you’ve only been dating for a year or so and feel that you’re ready to take your relationship one step further and seal the deal. Though 1 year may be all you needed to know that she is THE one; she may need a bit more time than you do for herself to know if you are THE one for her.

After all, women these days are extremely careful in choices. If the both of you are not meant for each other; it will not only cost a marriage, but also a hefty divorce settlement.

Which is why she won’t settle down with you just YET.

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