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The Most Expensive One Night Stand in Malaysia?

 A 20 year old man from Sibu had a one-night stand with a girl he had just met on Facebook ended up with her parents demanding a RM10,000 compensation from him.

The mother of the 20 year old man had to help him out of his situation by settling the payment in five installments.

Sourced from Lowyat. Disclaimer: This is not the couple from the article. Just for illustration purposes.

Sourced from Lowyat.
Disclaimer: This is not the couple from the article. Picture is just for illustration purposes only.

What happened?

A 20-year-old teenager hailing from Sibu found himself with a RM10, 000 debt after he had a once-night stand with a girl he had just met on Facebook. The 20-year old met an 18 year old on Monday through Facebook. After chatting back and forth, they met up outside of Facebook for a three-hour date that ended at approximately 2am yesterday.

Later that night, at around 2.30am, she sneaked out from her house to meet him for a second time. This time round, he took her to his home where they had sexual intercourse.

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After they finished their lustful deed, he drove her back home and dropped her near her house in order to avoid being spotted by the girl’s parents and she walked home. However, luck was not on his side as the girl’s parents were waiting for her return at their gate like a pair of furious watchdogs. The 20-year-old who saw the girl’s parents took off as fast as he could; like a thief leaving a crime scene.

His bad luck continued when a police MPV that was scouting the area stopped him. Apparently, the girl’s parents thought she had gone missing and made a police complaint to which the police responded by sending a MPV to scout the area for their suspected to be missing daughter. He was then brought to the nearby police station where families of both the girl and the teenage boy sat down to resolve the ‘issue’.

There are even rumours that the girl gave the teenage boy a slap across his face in front of the police after a debate from both their sides. Maybe it was something he said?

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The girl’s parents then demanded RM10, 000 from the teenage boy’s family to ‘compensate’ for the incident.

The teenage boy’s mother agreed to the RM10, 000 settlement but requested that the payment be made in instalments, as she did not have that kind of money. An “agreement letter” was then drafted in the police station.

So what do you guys think?

Was it right for the girl’s parents to demand a RM10, 000 compensation?

After all, it was consensual sex.

Nonetheless, the teenage boy must be pretty upset at himself.

He just paid RM10, 000 for a one-night stand.

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