OPINION: Millionaire Aliff Syukri's home raided for keeping a wild cat in a toilet - The Coverage

OPINION: Millionaire Aliff Syukri’s home raided for keeping a wild cat in a toilet

As a cat lover, this man trying to domesticate a Savannah has always bothered me. Not because it’s impossible, but because I’ve seen the way he tries to hold her. Cat lover disapproves!

Like, would you be okay with this?

I can’t even! The worst part is that he bought Dodi with the price of RM30,000. Apparently, he tried to find the most cheap. The average market price for Serval cats would be around RM40,000. If you can afford buying one, get it a proper home, please! Because we all know that he’s been keeping Dodi in, guess which part of the house? The toilet. It’s the toilet with the squatting bowl too!

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This is the post where he asked if anyone would like to buy Dodi off of him. Because he spent about and over RM10,000 to domesticate the cat, he will be selling Dodi at the price of RM50,000 with the permit.

The one thing I cannot get behind is not only the lack of consideration for cats, but also for the lack of research done prior to buying it.

I’ve seen lots of Twitterjaya users get mad over this, too. And it’s justified. I totally understand why. Cats deserve better. Especially this one, a large, wild cat. After the possible trauma faced from having been taken care of this man, I imagine she deserves not only a loving owner, but also freedom and space to move around in. I just cannot see a cat living like this, it must have been really claustrophobic and dirty to stay in the toilet, Gosh…

However, after many backlash he has received from this post, the millionaire decided to keep the cat. Feed it with his saliva, and use his shirt to let the cat grow familiar with his scent.

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There are just no words.

According to this post, Dodi’s new place will be done in three months.

So where will Dodi live for the next three months? Here, still in this toilet?

I really can’t, man. This fills me with so much rage.

If there are any ways that one can somehow get Dodi out of this man’s care and into a safer, better place, please let us know in the comments below. Reporting to PERHILITAN may be a viable option for the cruelty caused to the Serval (often mistaken for a Savannah), however, it would be best to have other options that are much safer and guaranteed to provide the best living environment for Dodi. I really don’t want to see something like this happening again.

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Especially not with people who just want to show off and spend their money on something exotic only to not take care of it.





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