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OPINION: Singaporean Man With World’s Longest Penis

At this point, I’m wondering why is my opinion even worth mentioning. A Singaporean man decided to enhance the size of his phallus, that it has finally won the longest. Last time we had a Singaporean man who managed to bed 57 women within a day, but here we have a Singaporean man with a really long phallus!

I feel like there is a vague need for them to satisfy themselves. Not physically, but in terms of self-esteem. Like they are doing this just to prove to themselves something.

As for what that something is, I’m not sure. But if all is well, they don’t suffer from diseases, and they are well, then I suppose there is no need to shame them for their decisions.

I just hope that they have finally felt a sense of completion and satisfaction with themselves. Self-esteem is a big thing for a lot of us. For this one specific man, he stated that most others who have won the title are genetic winners. For him, he had to use enhancements. I feel like that shows enough that he has suffered from a low self-esteem. Unfortunately, his self-esteem was placed heavily upon the head down below.

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Other than that, I also hope that this man, named Daniel, did not have to suffer from side effects of whatever enhancements he took. Similarly, I also hope that there will be someone who can take in all of him. Longest phallus and all.





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