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[PHOTOS] Preach What Your Name Speaks, Please

How would you feel if you received a friend request only to have their spouse use their account to ask you when did they send you the friend request? Okay, wait, sorry. That can be confusing for some to read. Take it from the top: A sends you a friend request. You approved it. A’s fiancee uses A’s account to ask you the following question, “when did A send you a friend request?” No greetings, no whatsoever. Just straight up questioning. You respond just a little snarkily, because of how rude they were to you initially. Later A returns to his account and bash you for your response, and for being rude to his fiancee. Bonus: A’s name is *ehem* religious.

If y’all thought there was a case of loyalty, there’s a case of blind loyalty here, and maybe a little bit of insecurity.

An account called Putera Islam decided to add this unknowing lady, who later got (I think it’s reasonable!) mad and turned him viral. Soon enough he came to Sultan Melaka Fans page on Facebook, which apparently matches up with the testimony of the lady, who posted statuses mentioning to not ever involve others who aren’t related to the case.  Sultan Melaka Fans page also reprimanded him for the involvement, as well as for only remembering God once he became viral thanks to the woman he harassed.

The following is the album posted by the harassed lady:

die add aku approve.. pastu suh aku explain kat tunang bile die add n layan tunang die baik2.. aku rase aku xde pon maki…

Dikirim oleh Engku Tun Khatijah pada 27 April 2017

What we realise is that what really set the lady off is because he accused her of being an apostate for somehow “making his faults viral”.

What soon followed is the fact that he decided to suck up or get other people into his side, for whatever reason, such as on this page as mentioned earlier, courtesy of Sultan Melaka fans, prepare yourself for the large album:

Tu lah.. Lain kali fikir dulu bila dah kene viral baru ingat tuhan… Nah ni korang baca korang nilaikan sendiri.. Nasib baik beta ni berjiwa rakyat.. Hebatkan beta?#BetaIsBetter

Dikirim oleh Sultan Melaka Fans pada 3 Mei 2017

Of course when we are attacked, we try to defend ourselves, right? Understandable why they would try to defend themselves. Other people can be so demeaning and ostracising! They never understand our circumstances, ever! (Okay, honestly, at this point I kinda feel bad la, but it was also kinda your fault, so just admit la kan? No need to involve a sick elderly, or use excuses kan?)

Kakak dia kata akaun adik dia kene hacked.. Tunang dia takde lak kata kene hacked malah mengaku lagi.. Maka dari kesimpulanya dua2 pala bana.. Bijakkan beta.#BetaIsBetter

Dikirim oleh Sultan Melaka Fans pada 3 Mei 2017

In conclusion… I don’t even know, man. There’s a lot of mess going on here.

All I know is that it started with (assuming that the fiancee did use the dude’s account) the fiancee asking the girl he randomly requested as a friend, for whatever reason (let’s not make assumptions here…) and due to the straight-up rudeness, the girl refused to answer the question (to which even I feel frustrated about, because I’d have at least answered, but also I would respond in a slight snark just to set off a bit of realisation over how rude she was being). She then proceeded to make the dude go viral with these screenshots, as well as to point out his hypocrisy (his name, and for being un-Islamic under certain standards) and he called her an apostate. He also decided to suck up to other accounts as an attempt to get people on his side, but it backfired a bit too quickly. Maybe he was attempting to explain his situation, but I personally would have written a public apology.

Anyway, he also made mentions of his fiancee’s sick mother and that he got hacked. Which is, well, we can all say it’s an overused excuse.

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