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    Mahathir’s Move To Consolidate Loyalists Is To Check And Balance The Power of Anwar – Mahathir Is Showing To Anwar Who Is The Stronger Leader

    Umno figures may have been tempted to switch allegiances by Mahathir. He noted there was a potential power struggle between Mahathir and...

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    UMNO Is Now The Battleground Between Mahathir And Anwar : Nazri Claimed Anwar Told Him That With PKR, DAP & Gabungan Parti Sarawak Would Have 110 Seats

    Umno is now the battleground between Mahathir and Anwar. And it looks like Mahathir is winning. If Mahathir ‘outvotes’ Anwar by getting...

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    PKR Split Widening : Mahathir Had Successfully Divided And Conquered PKR – Mahathir’s Circles Wanted Azmin As Prime Minister

    Analysts see trouble ahead for PKR following Anwar Ibrahim’s decision to appoint Rafizi Ramli and some members of his camp to key...

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    UMNO President Zahid Hamidi Had Undertaken In A Secret Agreement With Anwar Ibrahim – Zahid Was Once An Anwar Ibrahim ‘Soldier’ In UMNO To Fight Mahathir

    Dato’ Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi is not who he seems. Neither is he the person I once thought he was or...

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    Mahathir And Anwar’s Battle For UMNO – Why Are The Two Factions PKR and Pribumi Recruiting MPs Aggressively?

    Hundred-twenty-four. Remember the number. Since these are busy days. Both the Anwar Ibrahim and Mahathir Mohamad camps are stuck in seemingly perpetual...

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    PKR Azmin Ali Has Declared War On Anwar Ibrahim – Azmin May Jump Ship & Be The Future Prime Minister

    DATUK Seri Azmin Ali seems to be ending the year with a bang. For a while, many thought that the reported fallout...

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    Anwar Is Always Conspiring & Showing Signs of Impatience : PPBM Will Continue To Grow & The Next Prime Minister Will Be From PPBM

    So, I would say, the next prime Minister, whether in two years or five years, will be from PPBM and not from...

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    UMNO President Ahmad Zahidi : We Are Open To Establishing A Unity Government Before Or After Anwar Ibrahim Becomes PM

    UMNO hopes it can form a unity government with any party within Pakatan Harapan as soon as possible. Its president, Datuk Seri...

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    Anwar Ibrahim : I Will Join Opposition To Check Pakatan Government – Subtle Message He May Leave Pakatan Harapan And Rejoin Umno

    Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said today he will still point out wrongdoings in the government despite being part of the ruling Pakatan...

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    High Court Allows Pakatan Harapan Govt To Seize RM48 Million from Jho Low’s Dad Acc

    The High Court today ruled that the federal government can proceed immediately with full forfeiture of RM48 million belonging to Tan Sri...

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    Anwar’s Arrogance , Power Hungry & Narcissistic Has Damaged The Image of Both PKR And Anwar’s Family – Lost The Trust of Many People

    Last week was a terrible week for Prime-minister-in-waiting, Anwar Ibrahim. Hurt by accusations that he was “power hungry”, “narcissistic”, with a super...

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    Nazri Leading UMNO Faction For A Unity Government With PKR & DAP : Nazri Has Been Travelling Nationwide To Ask Division Chief To Support Anwar & Bypass Dr M

    An Umno faction is allegedly paving the way for a “unity government” with ruling parties PKR and DAP. And the man in...

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    Anwar Told Nazri : “ I Will Not Dissolve UMNO , I Don’t Want Najib To Suffer & Zahid Was Once My ‘Macai’ ” – Anwar Agreed With Nazri 4 Request

    Nazri claimed that efforts to negotiate with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad have not gone well, as the Prime Minister wants Umno to...

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    Tun Daim : You Should Not Waste News Space On Anwar – His Time Had Come And Gone !

    Without mincing words, Daim discussed with New Straits Times journalists A. JALIL HAMID, RASHID YUSOF and HARIZ MOHD and photographer ZAHARI ZAKARIA...

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    Anwar Plays Poker While Mahathir Plays Chess : Mahathir Are Destined For Greatness While Anwar For Disgrace – Anwar Imagines Himself As Great Politician

    A leopard never changes its spots, and neither do Mahathir and Anwar. What is going to happen today is the same thing...

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