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    Jurgen Klopp Is Trying To Teach Liverpool Players To ‘Fight Dirty’, says Adam Lallana

    Adam Lallana says Jurgen Klopp has his players practising football’s dark arts to pull them through games like Wednesday night’s 1-0 win...

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    The Coverage Top 15 Hottest Chinese Female Celebrities

    If you’re into Chinese songs,dramas and movies, We are sure that you recognise these 15 big names that we would rank them...

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    Taiwanese Magician Uses ‘Love’ As Source Of Magic

    Now I wish I am one of her volunteers for her magic tricks

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    The Coverage Top 30 World Hottest Girl 2015

    Be it a guy or a girl,who is not a fan of HOT Girls? I will not assume everybody but the majority...

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    Road Raging Tailgater Challenged Woman To A Fistfight In Old Klang Road

    We have all seen road rage videos online at some point of time. Some road rage incidents make great stories and crack...

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    Angola First Country Ever To Ban Islam

    Angola, a southern nation in Africa, has reportedly declared Islam illegal and has ordered an immediate closedown of all mosques in the...

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    Malaysia : Father Faces Death Penalty For Protecting His Family From Robbers

    In 2010, Malaysians were blown away by the Kalaichelvi case, where she was given a two-year jail sentence for unintentionally killing a...

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    Popular Hairstylist in Klang and His Humble Beginnings In A Parking Lot

    This is a true story of how perseverance and dedication can do wonders, as seen in one of Klang's more successful hairstylists...

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    Petaling Jaya Section 17 Marketplace Hawkers Feeling The Pinch Of Fake RM100 Notes

    Counterfeit RM100 notes are unfortunately surfacing more frequently lately- causing many business owners to install or purchase-counterfeited note-detection systems or machines that...

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    The Coverage TOP 15 Malaysia’s HOTTEST Sexiest DJ

    What adds up to the perfection of music? A hot DJ is the answer to it. Many big names like Paris Hilton...

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    The Coverage Top 15 Malaysia All Star DJ In Year 2015

    Many of us goes to club to enjoy the music,drinks,atmosphere but we shall not forget to give appreciation to these DJs for...

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    The Coverage Top 20 Youth Hairstylist In Klang

    If you are wondering where to get your hair done,these are the hairstylist you should head on to. They are professional for...

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    American Man Makes A Living Getting Laid By Hot Asian Women

    A California man who has been the subject of controversy in China for his sexual exploits across Asia is drawing further outrage...

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    11 Stupid Things Only In Malaysia UMNO Politicians Said To Malaysians When Cost Of Livings Are High

    Instead of saying something constructive, all we always got from politicians was either stupidity or sarcasm, how not to angry?

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    Malaysia : Forgetful Parents Drive Home From Cameron Highlands, Leaving Son Behind

    Have you ever lost your mom in the local supermarket when you were little? You stop to look at the vast selection...

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