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5 Easy Ways Working Moms Can Bond With Their Kids!

A full-time job can be demanding in terms of time and energy. It gets real tough juggling between work and home, especially when you’re a new mom and working. There will be stress and a sharp learning curve coping with the pressures of work and the demands of a newborn.

If you’re a  super busy working mom who doesn’t have a choice, but to return to the workforce, we’ve got 5 easy tips to help you bond with your baby and make the most of your time with your child when you’re at home. 

#1 Prep your kids’ things at night

Don’t beat up yourself if you get home from work and find your children already fast asleep. Make up for it by preparing their things at night. Check if their stuff is neatly arranged inside their school bag. Prepare their shoes and uniforms. Fix their baon for the next day. In the morning when you help fix them up, you won’t be running around, wasting precious time that you can spend instead with your kids.

#2 Communicate by all means necessary

Let’s face it—there will always be more work to accomplish, more meetings to attend, more presentations to create. It’s up to you to make time for your children. Keeping your communication lines open as early as now will show your children that they can talk to you about everything and anything, making them more comfortable to open up to you about the bigger, more serious things.

#3 Leave something of yours behind

For babies, leaving an item that smells like their mom helps make them feel more secure and strengthens the mother-and-child bond even when they’re far away from one another. It will keep you effortlessly connected with them, 24/7.

#4 Plan together a big vacation

The anticipation of going on a fun vacation with the family is as exciting as going on the vacation itself. On the refrigerator door or a space on a wall where everyone can see, put up a vacation planning board that you and your family can fill in together. Put photos of the places you’d like to visit, a countdown, and a word of the day related to that country or destination. More importantly, schedule your leaves and make the dream happen.

#5 Add a personal touch

It makes a world of difference to your kids when you surprise them with personal touches like putting a funny or inspiring note inside their lunchbox. Bonus points if you pack special sandwiches filled with a premium meaty spread like a Lady’s Choice Meaty Spread! Get ready for lots of thank-you hugs and kisses when you get home.

Even for moms with crazy schedules, doing little things that count can leave a lasting impact and special memories. It’s important to make the effort so they always feel 100% loved even when you’re not around.

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