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8 Tricks To Make Diaper Changing Easier And More Enjoyable!

It’s almost amusing how little you really know about basic baby care until you’re thrown into parenting.

Just because changing diapers is a chore doesn’t mean it can’t be easy. Whether you’re changing a newborn’s diaper 10 times a day or wrestling your 3-year-old into disposable training pants, here are eight ways to make toddler or baby diapering a change for the better, according to MummySG.

#1 Always Be Prepared.

There is nothing worse than jumping up to open a cabinet and grab wipes in the middle of a diaper change. To avoid this, make sure you have all the diaper changing essentials down and ready before you grab your baby and start the job. In other words, always start a diaper change with everything you need.

#2 Use Distractions.

Instead of wrestling with your little one to pull off the dirty diaper, try to keep him calm and distracted using a couple of toys, like a mobile, a mirror or any other thing that can divert your child’s attention long enough. In addition, you can also sing a song or make silly faces to help things run more smoothly.

#3 Have Multiple Diaper Changing Stations.

Set up a few diaper changing stations throughout your house to make sure you won’t be running up and down stairs to get changing supplies when it’s an emergency. Also, keep everything from diapers to diaper rash ointment within arm’s reach at each station for easy diaper changing.

#4 Use a Good-quality Diaper Changing Mat.

Whether you’re at home or out and about, always use a high-quality diaper changing mat during nappy changes to avoid the risk of your baby getting in touch with bacterial surfaces. An added advantage of using diaper changing mats is that they prevent diaper leaks from spilling all over the changing area.

#5 Guard Against Nappy Rash.

 Apply a thin layer of diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly to your baby’s bottom area as it will keep him happy despite the skin irritation. As an alternative, you can also use coconut oil to heal the rash. Whatever you use, make sure it is friendly to your baby’s sensitive skin.

#6 Consider Trying a New Location.

If you notice your little cherub pitching a fit during each diaper change, maybe he is trying to tell you that he is not comfortable with the place where you’re changing his diaper. So try a new location and see if this improves his mood at all. A change of locale does often lead to an easier diaper change!

#7 Don’t Interrupt His Play. 

The play is every baby’s work! While some youngsters do not mind diaper changing during play, others don’t want to be interrupted to have their diapers changed. If your toddler is one of them, don’t ever interrupt his play. Rather, let him enjoy his favorite task while you change his diaper.

#8 Change Your Baby’s Nappy Often.

Given that a newborn tends to make his diaper dirty after a certain time frame, check your baby’s diaper for wetness after every couple of hours. Change your baby’s nappy as soon as you notice he is wet. If you don’t do so , you little one may suffer from a diaper rash and skin irritation.

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