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Here Are A Few Symptoms To Help Determine If You Are Pregnant!

Women go through different experiences during pregnancy, some experience difficulties right from the first trimester and some breeze through it until the baby pops out. So how do you know if you’re pregnant? Yeah, taking a pregnancy test would the best and fastest way to find out! But pregnancy test may not be accessible at some places or maybe you’re too shy to purchase one, there are symptoms that can point out the possibility of you being pregnant.

Within 6-12 days after conception, early pregnancy symptoms can already occur! Because this is when the fertilized egg will start implanting itself in your uterus. You may feel some or all of these symptoms, but remember, some of these symptoms may be caused by some other things, so it is important to get the pregnancy test to confirm.

Abdominal cramps
A woman may experience cramps that are somewhat similar to what they have before the start of the period when the fertilized egg moves toward the uterus and implants itself in the uterine wall. Sometimes it is accompanied by spotting or bleeding, best to see a doctor when this happens.

Cravings / Food aversion
Food cravings can also be a sign of pregnancy. The change in hormone levels can affect your sense of taste. There are even women who hate the food they once love.

You will find yourself feeling tired and exhausted all the time in the early stages of pregnancy because your body is working hard to support the developing baby in your womb, you can blame the hormones for the fatigue!!

Frequent urination
Some women have a small bladder and this causes them to urinate more than other women do, so this could be a 50/50 chance that you’re pregnant. But this usually happens when you are on your sixth week of pregnancy, the hormones cause the increase in blood supply in the pelvic area. Because of this, your bladder becomes irritable and you end up passing even small amounts of urine. If you feel any pain or burning sensation while urinating, you need to go see a doctor!

Missed period
Missing your period is one of the sure sign of pregnancy especially if you get your period regularly. Some women also don’t keep track of their periods so they are most likely to lose track of when the next one will be due. Although missed period often means you’re pregnant, there are other reasons to why a woman’s period got delayed! She could be under stress or other hormonal problems, so if you are unsure, best to do the pregnancy test!

Morning sickness / Nausea
Women experience morning sickness or nausea when the hormone levels change in their body. However, it is little tricky as some women experience this symptom not just in the morning, but throughout the day.

Sense of smell
Yes, your sense of smell heightens during pregnancy, scents that never bothered you before end up bothering you now. The smell of meat is especially disgusting for pregnant women, but you could even be bothered by your own perfume. Everyone is different.

Tender breasts
When your body registers that you are pregnant, your breast will feel fuller than they used to be and your nipples will become very sensitive and tender. Your areola also starts to darken, this happens because of the hormonal change.

Only you will know what is happening to your body so if you are unsure at any point, it is advisable to get a visit to the doctors just to help you out. Do not be afraid of the doctors and keep it a secret.

Good luck and happy pregnancy!

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