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Modern Dads Are Changing The Stereotypes Of Parenting Responsibilities And Mums Are Loving It!!

Who here agrees that fathers who are more involved in the upbringing of their child are much hotter? Today’s fathers have gone a long way from just being the person in charge of bringing home the food on the table.

In a new study entitle Wait Until Your Father Gets Home, by Nickelodeon Australia, researchers conducted four qualitative group discussions, 14 face-to-face interviews and over 900 online surveys with fathers in Australia between December 2016 and January 2017.

“Today’s dads are increasingly more involved in the day-to-day decisions around the household,” said Kirsty Bloore, VIMN’s senior director of research for Asia Pacific.  “They purchase groceries, make decisions on what clothes and toys to buy and are involved in choosing day care.  Most importantly, dads feel they should be portrayed as being much more involved and nurturing.”

78% of Australian dads believe that they are doing a good job, 80% feels lucky being a dad, 50% of dads thinks parenting is much harder than they initially thought, 44% of dads believe parenting is harder than in previous generations. 62% say they want to be more involved however face expectations to stay at work, 54% of fathers agreeing on workplaces are less understanding of the changing roles of being a father.

Today’s dads are more hands-on, present, patient and understanding. Generations ago, kids were mostly afraid of fathers, but dads now see themselves as less strict, feared, distant or work-focused than their own fathers. They feel more connected to their kids and the phrase “wait until your father gets home” is now perceived more as a reward than a threat.

Modern dads are categories based on their work status in the research, which is a huge factor in portraying their roles. Researchers did not identify what kind was most popular among the dads interviewed.

1. Provider dads are the primary breadwinners. they are the more traditional type by providing back up to mum, chip in when asked or needed or when asked to help with the kids. A provider dad takes directions from the main caregiver: their mother.

2. Super-sub dads are also the primary breadwinner but also relief caregivers for a partner who is not working or working full or part time. Super-sub dads can hold their own when the children are left in their care, and they employ a tag team system of parenting on weekdays and equal caregiving on weekends. This dad is more than happy to “sub” for their partners, hence the name.

3. Carer dads, however, are the opposite of a traditional dad as they are the primary caregivers, and have a partner that work full-time as the breadwinner of the family. Carer dads feel responsible for the care of the children, enjoy being caregivers and are hands on proactive and ignores the gender bias in parenting.

The study sends out a message to the world to be more understanding and open to the changing roles of fathers, it is also a message for moms to stop underestimating your partners when it comes to caring for their kids. Give your spouse directions when he needs, refrain from using a condescending tone and give them a chance to succeed.

Why father’s involvement is highly recommended because kids with fathers who are actively engaged in their upbringing enjoy advantages compared to those with less involved dads. It’s a win-win situation for you if you share parenting duties with your spouse, you will have more time for yourself!

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