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Pregnant Women Are Not Fragile And Can Workout During Pregnancy For The Health Of Both Mother And Baby!!!

Remember those days where you hear elders talk about pregnant women shouldn’t be doing any work or house chores and that they should only rest at home or in bed? Studies have shown that exercising during pregnancy helps both mother and baby during and after pregnancy!

When pregnant ladies posts up videos or photos of them exercising on social media, there is definitely at least one comment expressing doubt and even fear for the unborn baby. They are not sick or weak and should not be treated as if they’re too fragile to even move.

There is no need to fear physical activity or exercise, women who are expecting and are not at risk or do not have any pregnancy complications should get at least 20 to 30 minutes of exercise with light to moderate intensity on most days of the week.

How to know if you’re over-exerting yourself? Carry a conversation while moving is the baseline for your intensity of your workout, if you can’t talk that means you’re over-exerting yourself! Workouts that are too intense can lead to dehydration and divert blood flow from the placenta to the muscles, which result in your baby not getting any blood pumping into him/her.

Pregnancy is an excellent opportunity to start adding a new physical activity, even for women who weren’t regularly working out before they got pregnant. You should consult with your doctor before starting anything, however, long walks, light cardio, and prenatal exercises are your options if you didn’t do exercise before. Even pregnant women with chronic hypertension, gestational diabetes, or who are overweight or obese should be encouraged to exercise.

Substantial scientific evidence shows that exercise during pregnancy is crucial to helping prevent depression and too much weight gain, which could complicate the pregnancy and puts both the mother and baby’s health at risk. Working out while pregnant has also been linked to lowering a woman’s chances of delivering via C-section, developing pre-eclampsia, or hypertension during pregnancy.

Exercising also contributes to less lower-back pain, less pain in the pelvic area, and lower frequency of incontinence. A mother’s physical activity during pregnancy lowers the risk of babies developing respiratory problems and having a baby who is significantly bigger than average.

However, pregnant women should avoid aerobic exercise if they have heart conditions, persistent bleeding in the last two trimesters, and severe anemia. If you experience contractions and dizziness while working out, bring it up with your doctor as soon as possible. Working out at more than 90% of one’s maximum heart rate, long-distance running, and frequent heavy weightlifting are definitely out of the question for pregnant women!

For sure exercise is always good for pregnant women, but you should definitely discuss with your doctor about an exercise plan tailored to your exercise history, health and the risk of pregnancy complications.

Pregnant women should no longer see themselves as too fragile to move and doctors shouldn’t prescribe complete bed rest unless necessary!

Get up on your feet and start exercising!!

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