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Tips On How To Spend Wisely And How To Make Practical Decisions For Every Mum

These are tips from a mother and a wife, dedicated to other mothers (and wives) who are facing difficulties in managing their money and making decisions. She gives her simple know-hows and emphasises that other mothers should also be using their resources wisely.

1. Investing in premium ingredients

Now, you must be thinking how are you supposed to save if you are going to buy expensive ingredients, right? Well, she explains that she uses extra virgin olive oil in all her meals. It may seem as a costly choice, but it is a healthy one! It cuts down the risk of suffering from high cholesterol, stroke and heart attack. After a little research of her own, she now even suggests to use culinary coconut oil, she claims that it’s even healthier than the extra virgin olive oil.


2. Breastfeed

According to her, she rarely gives her child the formula milk as they are costly. And she recommends to constantly breastfeed even when they are about 2-3 years old, simply because it’s easier for the child to adapt to eating vegetables and fruits as they are used to the taste of it when they were latching on. Also because it saves you a lot of money since you don’t have to buy those formula milk, feeding bottles and etc.


3. Babywear

Don’t go all lavish and stylish for your kid who is about to grow within the following month. Babies do grow fast, so be practical about it. And you don’t really need a fancy baby stroller, it’s really inconvenient and time-consuming to get from one place to another. So why don’t you opt for a “baby wrap” like this one, Pittari Wrap.


4. De-cluttering and Selling before Buying

Yeap! Our homes just can’t fit them all in. Instead of constantly buying household “wants & needs”, try getting rid of the old ones that are taking up space first. This will also buy you enough time to re-consider whether you truly need the item or not. Plus, you wouldn’t have to fork out as much money, since now you have already earned some cash.


5. Pre-loved Items

You would be amazed at what you can find at thrift stores! It also seems that many rich people love to sell off their personal belongings for a much lower price, so there you have it. A good quality and affordable purchase!



6. Buying things online

This saves lots of time and petrol. One of the best times to get crazy with your shopping is when there are mega deals and special promotions. You just have to keep your eyes wide open for this moments! But of course, before that remember to de-clutter first!


7. Cook as often as you can

More mummies today are also bringing in the income for the household, so finding a balance to cook meals in between of your hectic lifestyle can get a bit tricky, but it is worth it once you get the hang of it! Healthier food consumption, lesser expenses on outside food and yummier meals too!


8. Recycle and revamp

Before purchasing that new side table, just take a good look around your house and see if there is any other item laying around at home that could easily be recycled and revamped into a side table. If there is then viola! You have just saved your money. Now all you have to do is get creative!


9. Head to the wet market for meats, veggies and fruits

Not only do they last longer since they are fresher, they also cost much lesser than those that are sold in supermarkets. It’s pretty logical, actually…supermarkets keep frozen food items in storages until they run out of stock, hence they aren’t as fresh as we think they are. On the other hand, wet markets need to replenish their new stocks every day.


Source: MummySG


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