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You Can Now Turn Your Child’s Drawing Into Beautiful Keepsakes That Can Last Forever!!

Have you piled up your cupboards with drawings your children drew throughout all these years? Drawings that our little ones drew are the most treasured keepsake of a parent, especially if it’s a drawing of mom or dad. Maybe you are looking for a way to make it last permanently?

Maybe you are looking for a way to make it last permanently. Well, look no further as Karen Ayala, mother of 2-year-old Kali started Bubba Doodles! When Kali was one year old, most of the time she would make random doodles, “but there was this particular moment when she accidentally drew something that looked exactly like a butterfly. She shouted and said ‘Butterfly, Mama!’ and my heart melted,” Karen said.


Karen was inspired to turn the butterfly drawing into a pendant so she can wear it as a necklace. Karen realised that other moms would like to experience the same joy she did, and thus Bubba Doodles was born!

“We keep our kids’ drawings already. It was only a matter of making those drawings more timeless and meaningful,” says Karen.

Source: Bubba Doodle Facebook

The shop has just launched this February 2017 and they’ve already received quite the buzz. The name of the shop derived from Kali’s nickname, Bubba, she is the drive and inspiration of Bubba Doodles.

Source: Bubba Doodle Facebook

What’s another great thing about Bubba Doodles is that every keepsake is handmade, “From cutting of the materials to actual engraving, we believe that doing it handmade puts a more personal touch and justice to the adorable drawings of the kids,” Karen explains. Once a photo of the drawing has been received, the order is then sent off to the crafters who creates the layout patterns out of the doodle and manually engrave each one.

The team works closely with every parent, so you know that the final product will turn out beautiful and special to you and your child, and Bubba Doodles doesn’t just transform the doodles into necklaces, they also make bracelets and keychains with high-quality stainless steel, it will be up to your if you want a gold or silver finish!

Source: Bubba Doodle Facebook

These beautiful keepsakes are able to withstand tarnishing, so you can wear them every day and it will retain its shine. It is also suitable for sensitive skin and you can also do it in real gold or silver. Since it is handmade, each piece takes time to make, “Every order is different that is why we would need about 2 to 3 weeks to recreate the kids’ masterpieces,” says Karen. So place your order weeks in advance if you are planning to give one away.

Get in touch with Bubba Doodles through their Facebook or Instagram, page, via email to [email protected], or by phone (if you live in the Philippines) 0918-985-6309 if you are interested in getting one made.

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