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[TIPS] Holistic Medicine For 5 Common Child Ailments!!

Do you often make a trip to the pharmacy to get medicine for you or your kid? You may not know this but you may find fruits, oils, and roots that you already have in your pantry and fridge that can be used to soothe a bunch of common ailments in children, they’re natural and cheaper than chemically produced medicine!

A teaspoon of Wild Honey can help your child when they have the sniffles to relieve symptoms. You could also try squeezing the juices of a calamansi to your honey as the citric acid from the calamansi can help dissolve mucus.

However, you should not give honey to children of 1 year and below. Honey can contain the spores of bacteria Clostridium botulinum which produces toxins in a baby’s intestines leading to infant botulism. So if your child 1 year and below have a cold, you better seek help from a medicine practitioner!

Colic and gas
This may not be readily found in your pantry, but it is all-natural. Gripe water contains ginger and fennel which are both known to ease digestive discomfort caused by gas. Ginger increases gastrointestinal motility and it helps remove gas faster! Fennel also increases gastrointestinal motility which has anti-spasmodic effect at high doses. So, together it relieves gas and tummy ache from spasms.

Gripe water for babies can be bought in drugstores and wellness stores, just follow the instructions on the package on how much to give your little one.

Sometimes, although we eat a lot of vegetables, we still experience constipation. It is uncomfortable to go through constipation and it is a common problem for the young and the old. Before you reach for the detox tea, your family needs a lot of water and fiber in their diet, the water to dilute the concentrated food we eat, and fiber for bulk to push the stools forward.

If you are already struggling, try virgin coconut oil, take two tablespoons of the oil twice a day. You can also keep the guy healthy by taking probiotics and prebiotics to promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria. Some examples of prebiotics are bananas, asparagus, and kimchi. Great news for those who love kimchi!!

Before you start with the holistic remedy, check with a pediatrician if a rash is causing your child’s itching. In the meantime, try applying apple cider vinegar or virgin coconut oil on the area, as they both have antifungal and anti-bacterial properties that can soothe the itchiness.

Aloe vera is another recommended treatment, the sap of the plant can soothe itching and relieve swelling and inflammation. Just cut away a small portion of the plant and squeeze the plant for the sap then apply on the itchy or swollen area. Aloe vera is great for insect bites too.

Apparently oatmeal helps too! Mix uncooked organic raw oatmeal with a bit of water until it becomes a paste, then apply to affected areas.

Nausea and motion sickness
When traveling some may experience nausea or motion sickness, preparing ginger tea for the trip will help you! Ginger increases gastrointestinal motility which helps relieve that dizzy feeling. Simply boil ginger root in water for 10 to 15 minutes, drink it hot or with ice, you’re all set for a nausea-free journey!

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