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10 Benefits Of Taking Your Child Out For Walks!!

Psychologists Barton and Pretty in 2010 released a study which reveals that walking can make a person avoid sadness, feeling tired constantly and stress. Inviting your children to walks even though your child is still in a stroller also has many benefits for you and your children.

This will strengthen your bond as parents and child especially if you do all these 10 steps with your little one. Here is the list of 10 benefits of taking a walk with your child:

1. Make a conversation with your child
Chatting with someone in an open area has a different effect than talking in a closed room. In addition, you can talk about a topic that will be varied based on the places and events that happen or pass in front of you.

You could start with the critical question, “why this street is dirty, boy?” or, “what time will the lights turn off on this street?” The question will be critical powertrain while strengthening his ties with his parent.

2. Make a surprise
Give little surprises for her when you walk. Could be the crops you grow silently and other gifts. You can also play a game of looking for ‘treasure’ so that she can find the prize herself.

3. Train senses together
When you invite your child out for walks, you can train their sensory skills, through the sound of the birds, the texture of the grass or tree trunks, the scent of fresh air, and seeing distant objects.

4. Introduce simple mathematics
While walking, you can teach your child simple mathematics by asking your child to calculate a number of trees, trash cans or even calculate his steps! This practise will help your child turn into someone who can learn as they do it or learn hands on, it will make the fast learners!

5. Build a healthy lifestyle and sportsmanship
Even if your child goes barefooted, as long as she is active, running, jumping, climbing, or rolling, it’s better to stay active than lazy to avoid obesity. You can do sports together, skip rope, monkey bars, swings, and so much more!

6. Teach simple science
When on walks, teach him about wind direction, teach him about the sunrise or sunset, the shadow, how to read the map, and so on. There is really so much about simple science you can teach him. You could even do a simple experiment like predict the wind direction by reading the leaves on the tree and on the floor.

7. Introduce the environment surrounding your child
It is crucial to prepare your child when she starts going to school, from her observation she will learn how to interact with others and be more familiar with people around here and also her neighborhood. It is the parent’s duty to slowly guide your child.

8. Learn languages
Besides learning with only one language which your child should be used to by now that you’ve introduced many things on your walks together, try teaching them the same things but in a different language, this would spark curiosity and interest in learning!

9. Boost your child’s memory
Kids learn to remember faces, names, plants, trees, and much more. Moreover, one of the greatest benefits of learning while strolling is that you can boosts memories!

Discuss with her the changes of the environment, like “wow, that grandmother is wearing a red shirt today, she wore a blue shirt yesterday, right? doesn’t matter if its an information or a question (you could be wrong) let her agree or correct you, this way you are boosting her memory.

10. Enjoy nature
Even if you live in a landed house or apartment, you can always teach your child of the natural phenomena around, for example, the hot air, wind, rain, autumn, and others. Try looking for a song to match with the weather.

The importance of taking your child out for walks is to relieve the stress build up from being at home for too long. Being outside will help you and your child relax and you will feel better when you return home!

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