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5 Inspiring Movies You Should Watch With Your Family This Holy Week

While traveling can be a fun family-bonding activity during Holy Week, many would rather stay at home to avoid the dreaded traffic and delayed flights.

Why don’t you spend time watching these great inspiring films during the weekend? These movies don’t necessarily have religious themes, but they all show the undeniable strength of love, hope, and the human spirit.Happy watching!

1. Miracles from Heaven (2016)


A mom, played by Jennifer Garner, finds out that her daughter is suffering from an incurable disease. You’ll need tissues, but as the title suggests, a miracle is on the way. It’s a moving film, based on a true story, of the power of faith and hope — perfect for a Holy Week family movie day.
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2. The Prince of Egypt (1998)

Captivating animation and memorable songs have made this Oscar-winning animated epic a favorite among many — young and old. The biblical tale of Moses in Egypt is given a breath of life with a strong voice cast ensemble (Val Kilmer, Ralph Fiennes, Sandra Bullock and more) and a story-telling pace that will have the kids enchanted from beginning to end. If the family has yet to see this, now’s a perfect time. 
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3. We Bought a Zoo (2011)

After his wife’s untimely death, dad-of-two Benjamin Mee (played by Matt Damon), quits his journalist job and moves his family into an old zoo. Yes, a zoo, and it comes with 42 different species of animals. It’s not quite what everyone expected and restoring beauty to the place proves to be too difficult at times. Nevertheless, the family doesn’t give up. It’s a light, endearing film with quite a few funny scenes that’s just right for afternoon viewing. 
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4. Patch Adams (1998)

Semi-biographical, Robin Williams plays endearing medical student, Hunter ‘Patch’ Adams, who believes in the healing powers of laughter and joy. Of course, he is met with considerable resistance, but nothing stops a heart that’s set on helping others. Hilarious scenes of the late great Robin Williams clowning around with patients, trying to make them laugh, will leave yours and the kids’ bellies aching with laughter and your hearts warm and full. 
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5. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Based on a true story, Will Smith plays a struggling salesman, Chris Gardner, with a young boy, Christopher Jr., played by Smith’s real-life son Jaden. Slowly and heartbreakingly, we see the pair lose everything they have to Chris’ major investment that ultimately leaves them near-penniless. One particularly poignant scene of the dad and son sleeping in a train station restroom will leave you in pieces. Don’t worry; there is a happy ending. And, a lesson that grit and hope will take you far. (If you need convincing, Will Smith was nominated for an Oscar for this role.)
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