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It’s Hard To Believe That This Lingerie Model Sarah Stage Is At Her Last Trimester

Keyboard warriors were shooting Sarah down during her first pregnancy and they are back at it again when they found pictures of her rocking out an orange bikini on Instagram with the caption;

“Hello #thirdtrimester! These past #7months have flown by…Trying to stay in the moment & enjoy every second since we don’t plan on having any more babies after this one!! Thanks for all of your support with my fitness ebook & nutrition guide…I hope you are loving it and thank you @hotmiamistyles for this cute orange bikini #7monthspregnant”

The 33-year-old lingerie model received harsh comments on her post and we dare say that most of it were unnecessary!

vesquivel3: My question is….where is the baby in the uterus? All her organs are still there so, thus, my question.

ayday_wins: there’s no possible way that your baby is alive and growing

angiemontemarano: I’m so sorry but u are not 7 months pregnant. The baby does not exist. If u are doing this to be famous it stupid cause when my aunt was 7 months pregnant u can tell she was. Go to the doctor and they will tell u that u are so not pregnant. I think u should get some help like right now. Like mental help like now

ticklethorn: The reason you have negative comments is because you make the rest of us women want to slit our wrists. Well at least me. I’ve struggled with my body for so long and now that I’m pregnant again I’m depressed about the way I look and I’m not happy about this pregnancy, I’ve never felt this tired w my first and can’t be anything done because of it. Yes you look great. I’m just gonna sulk with the rest of the haters. Looking at you makes me hate myself.

But not all of them were negative, rather this time around she has more positive comments swarming in and some even took their time to defend her.

lfitz90: You look incredible! Your body is amazing during pregnancy. It really is the miracle of life. It’s so unique to you, making it even more special. You should be very proud! Congrats to you and your beautiful family ? Respect for how you handle the negativity.

wookies_cookie: People are really just so negative. She is a fitness model newsflash if you took the time and effort to eat right and work out even during pregnancy you’d look like this too muscle is memory. People she what she looks like but not the time and dedication and effort she puts in on a daily basis. If you are not happy with you then get up off your bum and do something about it. @sarahstage you are beautiful you carry yourself with such class and grace even when people are disrespecting you. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy I love that your loving your body and pregnancy every step of the way❤️❤️❤️

natashakfisher: I’m absolutely shocked with all the hatred written on this post about this amazing stage of this Sarah’s life. I don’t know her but I think she looks amazing before and during this pregnancy. It’s down right disgusting some of the comments! Not every single woman who falls pregnant has the same type of pregnancy let alone the same way they carry their child. Some people can go the whole way and not know they are pregnant. You all need to actually do a bit a research before you start putting your hatred for your own life onto someone else’s. @sarahstage you look beautiful and congratulations on your second baby ❤️

Well, in my opinion, some people are just too salty to be living on the same earth as us.

Anyhow! It seems that Sarah and her husband have made plans of sticking to just two children, so it’s needless to say that the trio will be enjoying every moment till her due date.

Sarah, here’s what we think of you…you are looking absolutely fabulous with that amazing abs and we are proud of your motherhood!  Thank you for being the strong woman that you are and an inspiration for those who seek a healthier lifestyle.



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