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5 Reasons Why Moms Are Absolutely The Most Awesome Beings On Earth

Mums often don’t realise or rather they are very less acknowledged by others as an awesome being and this should really not be the case!

So here we are, taking a brief moment to take our hats off and appreciate our amazing wonder women in the entire world! Oh and by the way, a mother is not only a woman that gave birth to you, a mother is also a woman who dedicates her whole life for a little one that may or may not even be blood-related to her.

Here are a few reasons why mothers are the biggest blessings in our lives and they are awesome just the way they are:


If you ever thought you had a busy life, oh boy, you have no idea that that’s probably like only 30-50% of what a mother does. Tell me, could you ever do the laundry, feed the newborn, get kids out of the bed, get them ready, iron your partners and your clothes, clean up the house, prepare breakfast, pack lunch boxes and send the kids to school all under 2-3 hours, daily! Exactly my point! They are simply amazing! And they are also the reason why you have a clean home to come back to.

Most mums nowadays are also the breadwinners of the family, so imagine having to do all that and still look prim and proper when they go off to work. Crazy!


Moms Don’t Stop

This relates back to my first point, with all that hecticness though they are tired or probably are at their ends wit, they are still capable of cooking up an amazing dinner for the whole family like they have a long-lasting battery implanted in their bodies.

Often, I hear my mum complaining that she is tired, but an hour later she is still running up and down doing her thing. You know there are times when you tell your kids to do something as soon as they get back from school but they end up super drained from school activities and you just choose not to disturb them and get it done by yourself? Do you even remember that you said you were tired?! There’s no stopping a mother who is on a mission to always put her family first.


Instant Superheroes

We all know that every mother have their weaknesses, but I have seen one too many times when a mother dives in for the rescue as soon as she senses danger is about to befall her precious child. Mothers are most definitely one of the fearless people I have seen in my entire life.

Did you also know that because mothers have to battle with their own life to give birth to you, they are labelled as instant heroes? Well, I just made this up, so now you know…and I dare you to say me wrong!


Personal Everything

And mothers are basically your personal everything, personal assistance, personal managers, personal accountants, personal doctors with their homemade remedies that 80% of the time works, personal counsellor and pretty much a personal nutritionist.

I bet if they had to write down all their motherly duties, it would become a documentary instead of a resume.


A Generous Giver

Mothers give up 9 months of their lives every time they conceive a child. They also provide endless and unconditional love for their entire family. Only the best of the best is given to their minis. Have you ever noticed that during your meal time you always had the most portions of dishes? Guess who gave them to you? Your mother, of course.

Even if she isn’t full, she wouldn’t mind giving her portion up for you as she always puts you first. Mums sacrifices are our blessings and hence why mothers are considered to be the most awesome beings on earth!


Do take note that these 5 points are only a few out of the million reasons why mothers are simply incredible.

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