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A Father Reveals The Importance Of Parents Being Affectionate In Front Of Their Children!!

Being affectionate to your husband or wife not only brings the couple closer, it makes the children feel safe and stable when they see their parents loving each other. Simple gestures like holding hands, kissing on the cheek on a busy day will serve as a reminder to the children that mummy and daddy are fine and they love each other.

Adrian Kulp shared a little story that opened up lots of minds.

“MARRIED!” Adrian’s daughter, Ava, shouted at the top of her lungs across the kitchen when she saw her parents kiss.

“Why are you screaming MARRIED like some sort of lunatic?”, asked Adrian.

She looked dumbfounded and said “Because you kissed mummy and now you’re married!”, she answered while skipping out of the kitchen.

Adrian and his wife, Jen, felt that the incident was really funny and how innocent kids can be. He admits that having three kids in five years will throw even the best of relationships into a tailspin, adding on moving cross-country, getting into new jobs, medical issues and new babies and family tragedy, even the strongest of bonds are tested.

Jen and Adrian had their own share of challenges and certainly ups and downs when it comes to the romance side of their relationship, but their love for each other is so strong and they are dedicated to the family they have built.

Ava’s entire idea of marriage up until this point has been from Disney-created animation scenes of princesses kissing their princes at the altar. Hey, happily ever after right? How cute was it that Ava did not realise that her mummy and daddy are actually married as well?

Adrian expressed that he and Jen have always kissed, but not intentionally doing it in front of the kids. He pinches her in the buttocks from time to time and they certainly hug but they never did it so the kids would see it.

On the eve of Adrian’s 40th birthday, he began to think a lot about stuff like life, love, morality, and he thought to himself perhaps the biggest gift he can give his children is to love their mother forever. They are definitely going to grow up and leave the house, find spouses of their own and have a handful of kids. At the end of the day, Adrian wants his children to know how much he loves their mother.

Adrian wants his kids to see how he touches Jen, caress her, hug her, take care of her. He wants them to see him make time for her, listen to her, to cherish her, because he wants his boys to understand and learn respect for a woman and how to be sensitive, caring and appropriate to her. He wants his daughter, Ava,  to understand what to expect from a man, how she should demand to be treated and why love is simple and pure and that love is safe.

And with all these revelations Adrian has had this week, he decided to pick up the frequency of the kissing his wife.

All the men out there who has a mother, sister(s), girlfriend or wife, know that with just a single kiss on the cheek to show that you love them and care for them is really meaningful. But please, only save the romantic feelings of love only to your girlfriend or wife and love them wholeheartedly!

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