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5 Brilliant Ways To Get Your Toodler To Take Medicine

When your toddler is sick, you want to do whatever you can to make her feel better — like giving her extra hugs and kisses, cuddling up with her in bed, or letting her watch her favorite video.

But battling with her to try to get her to take her medicine is probably not one of your favorite feel-better strategies. So what can you do when your hot-tempered tot refuses to take the medication you know she needs?

Check out these 5 tricky tactics for coaxing your stubborn toddler to take medicine, according to mummysg:

1. Allow your kid to have a say in flavors.

Sometimes, refusing to take medicine is an issue of control for toddlers, so let them pick which flavor the pharmacist will add to the medication. And, for instances when your child has to take another round of prescriptions such as antibiotics, change up the flavor to lessen the chance he’ll resist taking medicine again. Also,make sure that when you decide to try different flavors of a particular medicine, stick to the one that your kids seem to like best – until they change their minds again.

2. Mask it in other food or drinks

What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, especially when it has to do with getting him to take his medication and get on the path to recovery. Add the prescribed amount of medicine to a small amount of juice, yogurt or even peanut butter to mask the flavor. Just remember that he needs to finish the entire amount to get the full dose.Mixing it with yogurt or condensed milk brings about a more palatable concoction, or perhaps, mix it with your kid’s favorite drink.

3. Hide your true feelings

Making faces or comments that the medicine is yucky will automatically put your toddler on the defensive, so don’t set yourself up for a fight. When it’s time for him to take his medication, mask your feelings and offer lots of praise when the deed is done.This is when the saying fake it until you make it (make your kid drink his medicine) actually works. Avoid conditioning your kid that medicines are nothing but gross and bitter liquids or foods. There’s nothing wrong saying that it tastes good (especially when it’s flavored). After all, it is for the health of your kid.

4. Reward your kid for drinking his medicine

Every good parent knows rewarding your kiddos is a great way to encourage a child to do what he is supposed to do. You bet, this is positive reinforcement, when parents treat their kid for doing well. Offer him a sweet treat, prize or privilege such as hitting the park if he takes his medicine without a fight.

5. Tell your kid why not drinking his medicine is bad

Whenever you talk to a child about ‘bad’ things, they easily get a good grasp of it, and would try to prevent it as long as they can. Talking about the disadvantages of not taking his medicine such as missing his friend’s party because he’s been sick is a surefire hit that he won’t dare missing a single dose. Try to reason with your child why medication is important.

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