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5 Ways To Make Your Children Fall In Love With Science

Science is one of the most important and hardest subjects, even for adults. So it’s not surprising when a child finds it difficult to cope with. Somehow, it gets planted into their thoughts that science is difficult and that they are forced to learn, which will eventually lead them to hate the subject.

But do not fret, there are ways to make your children fall in love with science according to parents.com!

Let’s take a look at what can the parents do to help their children and educate them the beauty of science;

1. Create a science ‘classroom’ outside of the four brick walls

Science is easily absorbed into the young ones’ mind when it is fun! There are many fun science experiments that can be done even at home. All you need to do is – research! Here are some science D.I.Y that you can try…


2. Let your kids play video games

We are not talking about Grand Theft Auto but more like Minecraft kind of games. These games are not only exciting but it also educates your children to build complex virtual worlds that heavily emphasises on programming. According to the source, this game has even proved to show positive results and a spike of interest in the science of coding among the young ones!


3. Learn together

Trust me, most adults would have forgotten what was in chapter 3 of our form 5 science textbooks. So, why don’t you explore science all over again with your kid? Simple research like finding out the what kind of insects are living in your garden or how does a rainbow form is enough to keep your child intrigued.


4. Go on field trips

Go for a trip to a science museum, aquariums, botanical gardens, or to the zoo! Not only will it give you a special bonding session with your kid, you will also get to educate them about their surroundings. Identifying what is what and randomly throwing in more questions regarding that particular species, is definitely an interactive way of learning science. It’s much more fun this way rather than simply reading about it from a printed material.


5. Breaking stereotypes

Yes! Parents should also help to fight against the idea that science is boring and it is meant for geniuses. Science is meant for everybody! Our everyday routines all involves science and with the children’s curiosity, major scientific breakthroughs are just waiting to happen.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go have some fun with science!


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