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Are You A Busy Parent?! Then These 10 Tips Will Help Improve The Bond With Your Children!!!

Don’t worry dads and mums! We know how rough your day has been at work. Who isn’t caught up with stress these days, right? We can feel the burden that you have to carry on your shoulders 24/7 be it at work or at home.

But did you know that if you spent a bit more time with your children, it will automatically lift up your spirit and even bring you closer to your kids? It sounds absurd at first, but, I promise when you see the smiles on their faces, not even the devil can make you feel down.

You don’t even have to worry about having to deal with kids who are out of control, as these 10 tips will most likely help to improve the bond between you two and also train your children to be more obedient.

1. Talk a walk together

Yes…it’s that simple! Find a short gap (even 20 minutes to 40 minutes would be enough) to bring them out for a walk. It will help to distress yourself and the kid with the change of surroundings. It’s also the best time to open up or let them open up to you!

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2. A trip to the themed park

This would work well for your kids if they are under 12. When a kid is having fun, there’s a high chance that he or she will remember the day that their parents showered them with time and adventures, clearly. They may be young, but they do know that you are busy and barely have time to shower them with affection, so a sudden trip like this would make them feel loved and cared about.


3. Night Games

If you are a little tight on the budget and time to go out for a trip to a theme park, then why don’t you bring the fun to you, instead? Create a family game that requires the participation of each family member and knock yourselves out just before heading to bed at night. It can be anything from educational games to just nonsensical games, just as long as everyone is having fun!


4. Watch a movie on weekends

This is totally up to you whether you want to catch a movie at home or at the cinema, but once in awhile switching things up does help a lot! Try throwing in some fancy candies or food so that both adult and kids can enjoy. Though popcorns alone should do the trick.


5. Family arts and crafts time

If your kids have a thing for painting, colouring or making crafty things with play doh then grab the chance to get involved! But just remember to not restrict them from expressing themselves through art. If you pay extra attention to details, you may even discover things you did not know about your child!


6. Discovering their interest

There are times when parents are too into their work life that they tend to neglect their children and at times it comes to a point, where the parents themselves do not know what are the children’s liking, interest, dislikes, allergies and so on. So take some time off to ask them what is their favourite colour, who is their best friend in class and etc. This will evidently come across to your children that you are trying to get to know them better.


7. Having dinner together

As simple as this sounds, many parents and children tend to merely eat their own meal without communicating while at the table. These days way too often we see parents and young kids playing on their smartphones or tablets as they eat their dinner. This is not only unhealthy but it is also widening the gap between the parents and their children. So, put that phone or tablet on the side, and enjoy your meal while having a proper conversation with everyone that is at the dining table.


8. Get your children to help out with house chores

This could be a good start to discipline your kids. Please don’t just get them to do the chores, make it fun! Having a reward system or doing the dishes or gardening together will instantly motivate your children, and indirectly lessen your work too! You could also get them to help you out when you are cooking, who knows if there’s a ‘chef’ waiting to be discovered.


9. Reading books together

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to read the same book as your child or vice versa. Both the parent and child could be reading a completely different book, just as long as you do it together. Or even better, allow the child to narrate for you, this will also help in building the child’s confidence!


10. Dedicate a portion of a day to spend with your children

If you have a whole day that is free don’t spend it lazing around in your bedroom, you will have plenty of time to laze around when you are older and your kids are all grown up. Even if it’s a portion of a day, it would make a big difference to the young ones who are constantly trying to get your attention!


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