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Fight And Prevent Baby Eczema With These 9 Tips!!

If you notice your children suffering from very dry skin or eczema which gives them angry and itchy rashes, try some of these methods to help ease the itchiness.

Eczema can flare up any moment even in the middle of the night, the itching is too much for your baby to sleep in peace! Sometimes it gets so out of hand even you want to cry. If a pediatrician diagnosed it as atopic dermatitis which is a kind of eczema that affects up to one in five children.

If you are wondering how do you know if your child has atopic dermatitis? Check her skin, especially on her face, hands, feet, the inside of the elbows, and behind the knees. It may be rough, red, and dry, with rashes, and she won’t stop scratching.

Do not worry, because no matter how bad it looks, it is not contagious, so there’s no need to isolate your baby from your family members.

This type of eczema commonly appears before a child is 2 years of age, but it can still appear any time after that. Many children who have atopic dermatitis may develop asthma and common childhood allergies like hay fever. The good news is that most kids grow out of it around puberty, although some continue to experience it throughout adulthood.

Here are a few methods to help prevent frequent flare-ups and lessen the discomfort of your little one when an attack of the red, hot, itchy rashes occurs.

1. Be smart about the sun.
Atopic dermatitis can be aggravated by exposure to heat and light so keep the kid out of direct sunlight during peak sunshine hours (11 am to 4 pm) as much as possible because babies and young children have soft and delicate skin that can be prone to skin irritation. If you have to be out, apply suitable fragrance-free sunscreen.

2. Choose the right bath cleansers.
Chemicals such as soaps and artificial fragrances in shower gels and shampoos can trigger skin irritation in baby’s delicate skin, exactly what we want to avoid!

So when buying cleansers for babies and young children, look for those that are soap-free, sulfates-free and fragrance-free. Plan-based dermatological products have been recommended by healthcare professionals for over 20 years because they reduce dryness, relieve itching and calm irritations.

3. Moisturise!
Moisturising at home daily can help to prevent flare-ups. Get lotions that contain Rhealba Oat plantlet extract, which is an active ingredient that reduces inflammation.

4. Seek medical care.
If you suspect that your child’s rashes are caused by atopic dermatitis, bring her to the pediatrician immediately do not wait until scratching leads to bleeding! A mild case can be treated with emollient cream ointment or a low-strength steroids cream. If an infection occurs, oral antibiotics and antibiotic creams may be prescribed.

5. Switch your laundry detergent!
Always look for mild detergents that do not affect sensitive skin, or use those that are specially formulated for babies. Avoid fabric softeners launder your baby’s or kid’s clothes separately from adult’s clothes to prevent cross-contamination.

6.Take short showers instead of long baths!
Staying too long in the water can cause the skin to dry up, so limit showers to five to 10 minutes, no longer! Only use lukewarm water, never hot, as the latter can strip protective oil from the skin.

7. Trim tiny nails!!
It is hard to stop babies and younger children from scratching, but it could also lead to infections and lots of discomfort for your little one: bleeding, scaling, swelling, crusting and ‘weeping’ fluid. Trimming those tiny nails regularly, at least twice a week.

8. Use cotton fabrics.
Cotton fabrics are best for sensitive skin as they allow the skin to breathe better, keeps your baby feel cooler, and are less likely to irritate! Same goes for bedding and bed linen, if your baby is sleeping 12 hours a day, it is best to dress her in non-irritating clothes and lay her on non-irritating bedsheets!

9. Wipe down dust mites at home!
The fewer allergens there are around your child, the less the chances are that she’ll have another eczema flare-up, vacuum and mop regularly to reduce dust mites lingering around your house. When washing your kid’s bedding, make sure you wash it at a higher temperature (60 degrees celsius) to kill off the mites.

Remove your carpets and get rid of stuffed toys as they collect a lot of dust, don’t forget to open windows as much as possible for air circulation to prevent mold and mildew forming!

We hope these tips help ease your baby’s itching skin and be sure to get it treated fast!

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