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Here’s How You Can Break Your Children’s Whining Habit

Kids just love to whine even if they didn’t know what is whining actually about, in the first place! It can easily drive parents up the wall, and no one is blaming you if you had ever needed to shout back at your child when you finally couldn’t take it anymore.

We all know that a kid’s whine can be for any to every possible reason. From simply wanting your attention to opening the door that is apparently “locked”, the reasons can be quite ridiculous at times. So it’s okay to feel frustrated, but wouldn’t it be better if we can actually stop them from whining altogether?

Okay, this would take some training but it just might work! Here are a few ways that you could try to help “shut” their constant complaints and cries.


Don’t let their whininess get to you

Set a simple house rule where if your kid is always whining and mumbling, just tell them that it would be impossible for you to solve their problem if they do not intend to pipe down. Having a poker face throughout this whole ‘training’ session would definitely do you good.

Get your child to explain things in a proper and nicer manner and then only help him/her out.


source: whoabella

Make them ask nicely

Like I mentioned earlier, there’s a high chance that your kid doesn’t even know what does whining mean, so take some time to explain to them that in order to solve their ‘issues’ they would have to explain things in a calm manner with a “Please” and “Thank you”.

You could also record them while they are whining to show-and-tell them the difference between being whiny and asking nicely. Also, from time to time, teach them how and when to open up to you, especially when they are feeling frustrated, tired, hungry, bored and etc.


source: She Knows

Don’t just pinpoint their wrongs and praise them

We often scold them and remind them that they have been behaving impolitely but we rarely praise them when they have used the right tone. Make it a habit of telling them that they have said “it” very well and should keep up the good work (manners).

Thank them every time they don’t act like a brat to get something they want. You will be able to see the dramatic change!




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