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LOOK OUT!! Pictures Of Your Child Posted Online May Attract Sexual Predators!

We may not be aware of sexual predators around the internet, but as parents, you need to be more aware of what sort of pictures of your child that you post on social media. Now, technology is so advanced no one knows when your child’s photos are downloaded by any pedophiles and they can actually ‘edit’ the photo.

Parents have their own reasons why they upload pictures of their children on social media, maybe the family lives far away from relatives and wish to share photos of their children. Unfortunately, social media isn’t a safe place anymore, predators could download the image and edit it and upload them on sexual predators sites, we don’t even know what the sexual predator looks like!

Here are the possible type of photos sexual predators like:

1. Photos of your child without clothes
Photos of children in the bath are cute and funny. Even when parents cover up the private parts or edit the picture to cover up and consider it safe, but in fact, if you can edit it to cover, others can edit it a bare it out and sell it on pedophile forums.

When at the pool or beach you will dress your child in a swimsuit, parents aren’t aware if there is anyone taking a picture of your child with ulterior motives. The picture may end up on pedophile forums without your knowledge, so always be attentive to your child.

2. Half-naked photos
Sexual predators actually have the creativity to edit your half-naked child’s photo into an immoral act photo, they can even make it into a “meme” to spread it among other pedophiles.

3. Child artists or famous children on social media
As ordinary people who often idolize certain artists, the sexual predators also have children they ‘idolize’ especially if the child’s parent constantly sharing pictures of their children in different varieties.

We are unaware when photos are being downloaded from social media, it is just out there waiting to be stolen, we wouldn’t know whose hand the pictures will end up on and for what purpose.

Parents need to be cautious and in this case, negative thinking is a good thing as it can keep your child safe!

Type of photos sexual predators are after:

1. The ‘duck face’ pose
This popular pose is famous in the social media and so is among the pedophiles! If you have pictures of your child doing this pose, you best remove it now.

2. Children in swimwear
For the general public, kids in swimwear are adorable. However, it is a ‘big catch’ for the predators for their collection of ‘sexual fantasies’.

3. Cute photos with lots of likes
Sexual predators do not hesitate to pay a photo to his taste. If he does not get access to the cute photo, then he would not mind hiring people who can access the photo and save it as a private collection.

What should we do?
Ask yourselves these questions before you upload a picture of your child on social media:

1. Is there any empty space in the photo?
Look for a space in the photo to include an adult in the picture, it will discourage the predators from targeting your picture.

2. Is your child dressed properly?
If the child is dressed properly, ask yourself whether the clothing worn by the child will be able to edit a variety of other people?

3. Is your social media account on a ‘Public’ setting?
If anyone can view your social media profiles, even those who you do not recognize, it is likely that you provide opportunities for sexual predators to act.

Always pay attention to your privacy settings before uploading the photos of children. If the goal is to post photos to families about child development, then you should just put it in the family group and urge them not to share it around without your permission.

4. Did you include a ‘watermark’ in your picture?
Watermark is a sign that should be on the person’s photo or a product to prevent it from stealing the photo and make it more difficult to edit.

5. Did you turn off your GPS on your phone when uploading?
Don’t let the GPS bring disaster for your children, do not tell anyone where and when you take pictures of your child and do not reveal where your children are on social media!

6. Do the people on your social media respect your privacy?
You can make it a point that others cannot share pictures of your child without your permission, it is not wrong to also make it so that the pictures are not downloadable.

7. Do your family and friends agree with your rules? 
It is important to discuss what is your concern of the picture being shared on social media, and their internet ethics. If any of your friends or family members thinks that your concerns are exaggerating, that means that they do not care for the safety of your child and you should not interact with the on social media.

Other than these tips, parents, and adults need to be mindful of what you see on the internet, look out for each other and do not allow these sexual predators to get what they want!

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