PAS : Vote Of Confidence For Dr M To Stop Anwar From Bickering Over PM Post & Disturbing The Governance of The Country – Decided Unanimously By PAS Central Leadership

PAS says the party has a right to moot a vote of confidence for Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad despite being in the opposition, says Datuk Seri Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man.

The party’s deputy president said it decided to go ahead before consulting with fellow opposition Umno MPs over the matter as there was too much bickering disrupting the governance of the country.

“We will meet Umno tomorrow night and present the idea.

“The vote of confidence is not interfering in the ruling coalition matters but as we are tired of the constant bickering of dissatisfaction with the PM and we do not see a vote of no confidence, we decided to take it upon ourselves to bring a vote of confidence.

“Pakatan will fall sooner or later as the people are tired of their never-ending politicking,” said Tuan Ibrahim on Sunday (Feb 9).

He also said although Dr Mahathir was their “biggest enemy” for so many years during his first tenure as prime minister, they have forgiven him and are willing to work with him when the need arises.

On the issue of whether such a motion goes against the conventional parliament practices of an opposition in Dewan Rakyat, Tuan Ibrahim said it need not be so.

“A private motion can be brought by any MP as long as it fulfils three conditions and is filed in advance.

“The private motion can be brought by anyone.

“Former opposition leader Lim Kit Siang had voiced it before to bring a vote of no confidence against the then prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in 2017 but it was never done.

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“We had mentioned that we would bring a motion for such a vote before, so it is not something out of the blue. Only that the bickering of Pakatan has continued and is disturbing the governance of the country.

“We also never discussed this with the King when we met him recently,” said Tuan Ibrahim.

On Feb 8, PAS announced that it will table a vote of confidence for Dr Mahathir’s leadership next month when Parliament convenes.

The tabling of the vote of confidence was decided unanimously by PAS central leadership council during its monthly meeting.

PAS’ 18 MPs have vouched their support for Dr Mahathir should there ever be a vote of no-confidence against him in Dewan Rakyat.

Source : Malaysia Today

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