PDRM Officer Sexually Harassing A Woman At A Roadblock : “Cuba Buka Tunjuk You Tak Pakai Bra , Kalau You Tunjuk I Tak Saman You”

A woman has taken to social media to allege that an officer of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) sexually harassed her at a roadblock on Jalan Duta, adding that she was forced to share her number with him

The woman said that she’s still shaken about the encounter with the officer.

“Police should protect people and not do this. Already got sexually harassed, yet I was blackmailed into giving my number as well, or else he would have fined me,” she tweeted.

In a series of tweets posted late last night, 12 February, the woman wrote that she wasn’t wearing a bra, something the officer manning the roadblock noticed it and proceeded to question her about it.

“I wasn’t wearing a bra, and then somehow the police notice it??? And he questions why didn’t I wear a bra. And at that time, I forgot to bring my licence,” she said, adding, “Another officer went to the tent because he wanted to take the device to check whether my IC has a licence or not.”

In her tweets, she alleges that the officer – whom she named as Asyraf or Ashraf – came close to the driver’s side window and told her if she showed him she’s not wearing a bra, he wouldn’t issue her a fine.

Serious lah you tak pakai bra, cuba bukak tunjuk, kalau you tunjuk I tak saman you

According to the woman, the officer insisted on exchanging contact details with her.

She told him that she is not comfortable doing that but he continued to insist. He then handed the woman his phone and asked her to give a miss call from her number in front of him.

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She claimed that she tried to call the hotline for the Department of Integrity and Compliance Standards (JIPS) to lodge a report about the officer’s behaviour but no one picked up.

While she has not yet lodged a formal complaint about the officer, she told this SAYS writer that she is planning to do so today, 13 February

She said that she doesn’t have his ID number.

“I still haven’t decided whether I should go to a police station near my housing area or Bukit Aman. I was planning to do an online report but I don’t have his ID number. I only have his phone number and he called me last night, confirming it was him,” she told us over messages exchanged on Twitter.

The woman told us that when the officer called her last night, he once again mentioned her not wearing a bra while asking where she stays

According to her, the officer called her last night to tell her that she wasn’t wearing a bra when they stopped her at the roadblock and even asked to take her out on a date.

“He mentions again about me not wearing a bra. Asking me where did I stay, asking me out. And offered to give me a discount for the summon as a “friendly gesture’,” she said.

Meanwhile, the woman’s tweets have gone viral with thousands of netizens amplifying it and tagging the official handle of PDRM

SAYS is not sharing the woman’s Twitter handle to comply with her request.

Source : SAYS

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