Penang CM Gets A RM458,000 Brand New S-Class Mercedes-Benz : When People Lost Their Jobs & Live In Their Car , DAP Leaders Live Lavishly With New Luxury Car

Penang Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow is now riding in a brand new Mercedes-Benz S560e, a luxury hybrid saloon, that cost the state government RM458,000, according to the Penang secretary’s office

State secretary Datuk Abdul Razak Jaafar said the Penang CM was given the S-Class Saloon to replace his previous official car, which was a Mercedes S300L that was bought in 2013 for RM298,263.

“The selenite grey car was bought on 31 December 2020 for RM458,000. The purchase was approved by the state executive council on 29 November 2019,” Abdul Razak was quoted as saying today, 7 January.

According to Abdul Razak, the new Mercedes-Benz S560e was bought after a discount of RM127,765.

Its official price is listed as RM658,888 by WapCar, a local automotive content hub.

Malay Mail reported that Chow was spotted alighting from the brand new car today when he attended the swearing-in ceremony of the Penang Island City Council councillors at the City Hall in George Town

“I just got the car yesterday, I don’t know the details of the purchase, the state secretary will issue a statement on this soon,” the Penang CM was quoted as saying by Malay Mail today.

This news was met with great criticism on social media as Malaysians felt that this purchase was not necessary especially at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic is so rampant and there are even talks of a Movement Control Order being imposed.

“Is this the fate of the people living in a DAP-progressive state? The leaders live lavishly while there are people who live in their car.”

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“I think it would’ve been better to buy a Proton Perdana or even a custome-made Toyota Camry. Is it really necessary to get a Mercedes? If you want a Mercedes, get one using your own money, not the people’s money!

The people are sick of wasterful leaders as such. The welfare of the people is in the trash while your own luxury is at a whole other level. Boo to the Penang Government!”

“Who approved the budget? Where’s their presence of mind to buy Malaysian products when the rakyat are living in their car? When some people lost their jobs due to Covid-19, there’s the state government buying a Mercedes!

Where did the money come from? The people’s money should be returned to the people, not used to buy a new Mercedes.”

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