Penang Couple Busted Having Roadside Sex : Crash Into Water-Filled Ditch - Rescued by Police - The Coverage

Penang Couple Busted Having Roadside Sex : Crash Into Water-Filled Ditch – Rescued by Police

What’s more embarrassing that getting caught by police having sex in a car in the emergency lane of a highway?

Well, a lot of things like maybe running into your ex and his new girlfriend at the supermarket and knocking over a display of cereal trying to hide/spy [Ed. Note: Us? Never!] but it certainly added insult to injury when one Penang couple was caught getting frisky, tried to outrun the police, but ended up drowning their car in water-filled ditch.

Let’s dive right in! Ha!

According to Malay-language daily Harian Metro a Penang couple had parked the vehicle they were in along the shoulder of the Butterworth Highway and suspicious police pulled over to see if the car was alright.

What officers found upon closer inspection was a 19-year-old man and his 25-year-old girlfriend in flagrante.

When the driver noticed that police were present, officers say that he panicked and attempted to drive away from the scene, heading towards Bagan Ajam Toll Plaza. Officers gave chase, and the driver’s getaway skills under pressure were not quite up to snuff: He crashed into nearby railing, hitting a motorcyclist who was traveling in the same direction, and eventually ended up in a rather deep water-filled drain (these monsoon rains!).

Luckily, the same officer that was chasing the couple managed to pull them from the submerged vehicle, and neither suffered any serious injuries in the rather embarrassing incident. The motorcyclist was sent to a nearby hospital, where doctors say he was treated for a broken foot.

Neither party in the getaway car tested positive for drugs or alcohol, and police say the two were students at the nearby Giat MARA College.

Officers are investigating the incident as a case of reckless driving: crippling embarrassment, though ego-bruising and spirit-crushing, isn’t a crime.

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