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    Model: Joanna Lydia Koh Stepping Into the Modelling Industry! She’s Such a Beauty!

    Young lady with 171 cm tall, fair skin, bright smile, passionate eyes, she is Miss Joanna Lydia Koh! 18-year-old ITE College West...

  • 54.0K

    The Coverage’s January Pick : Venice Min, More Than Just A Beautiful Face

    More than just a beautiful face, actress and model Venice Min is a force to be reckoned with. Most of you may...

  • 75.1K

    The Coverage’s February Pick : Janice Tan, A Girl Who Aspires To Do More

    Not willing to fall to the ‘pretty-girl’ stereotype, Janice Tan aspires to do more in life It has become increasingly difficult to...

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    The Coverage’s March Pick: Amber Chia, Inspiring Others to Aspire


  • 67.6K

    The Coverage’s April Pick: Leng Yein, the amusing and ambitious hustler!

    She’s a hustler with a good heart, soft but strong, unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war...

  • 7.7K

    The Coverage’s May Pick: The Independent and Intriguing Melinda Lee!

    This month in the Coverage’s Pick, we bring to you an independent, beautiful and intelligent individual. You may have seen her lately...

  • 12.4K

    The Coverage’s June Pick: Jolie Wan, Cheerful and Sunshine Girl!

    Cheerful sunshine girl with a refined face, small in size, cute little princess, she is The Coverage Bureau Media’s representative – Jolie...

  • 57.3K

    The Coverage’s July 2016 Talent Pick: The ever talented and enthusiastic singer, Mayu!

    We don’t often meet such a young, talented and enthusiastic individual like Mayu in our everyday life. However, I’ve received the honor...

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    The Coverage July’s Pick – Carrie Lee: An Enterprising Beauty!

    Introducing the Coverage July’s Pick – Carrie Lee, a 31-year-old mother of 3, hailing from the heart of Kuala Lumpur and is the...

  • 17.3K

    THE COVERAGE’s August Pick: Leng Sean, The Insane!

    Self-described as crazy, insane and straightforward, this gorgeous lady is Leng Sean! She’s THE COVERAGE’s August Pick! 28-year-old Leng Sean was from Kuantan...

  • 6.1K

    The Coverage’s October Pick: Olivia Shyan Reveal’s Life’s Secrets: How She Got To Who She Is Today While Keeping Herself Sane

    Actress, emcee, blogger, brand ambassador for Sony... the list goes on - it makes one wonder how KL-born Olivia Shyan juggles all...

  • 9.2K

    The Coverage’s September Pick: Abby Teoh, Successful Career Woman At The Age of 21!

    This month, we would like to introduce to you the beautiful and elegant, Ms. Abby Teoh Hui Qin, a very successful lady at...

  • 5.3K

    The Coverage’s December Pick: Molly Ooi – A Passionate Animal Lover With Big Dreams!!!

    Molly Ooi Su Geik hails from the north-west state in Malaysia, bordering Thailand and encompassing the Langkawi archipelago – Kedah. This 25-year-old is the...

  • 15.1K

    The Coverage’s November Pick: Joleen Heng – A Rising Star DJ And Model!!!

    Joleen is a rising star DJ and model who hails from Klang. Growing up as been blissful with all the mouthwatering delicacies...

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