Coverage : Q & A Session With FHM Cover Girl Venice Min - The Coverage

Coverage : Q & A Session With FHM Cover Girl Venice Min

Q & A Session with superstar model Venice Min

Most of you may recognise the powerhouse of a woman as the billboard girl of HSBC and various other commercial advertisements across Malaysia, or even come across her alluring photos on the ‘explore’ function on Instagram.

Hailing from humble beginnings as a ballet teacher, Venice Min has made a name for herself in the modelling industry, by bagging 1st place in FHM Malaysia’s Most Wanted 2016.

Miss Min who has worked closely with international brands from Mont Blanc to Thomas Sabo, graced The Coverage Bureau with an interview- of which revealed many unknowns of the captivating personage.

Below is a transcript of a short Q & A session with the FHM cover girl.

How old are you?

Venice – I am currently 23

Are you still studying?

Venice – Well, no, I just graduated 2 months ago- I was previously studying in Taylors Lakeside.. erm in PR and broadcasting degree student and I just finished it.

Was it difficult to balance out work with studies?

Venice – Well, it was really tough because you get so exhausted from working and waking up early to school and stuff. So its kinda tough but I believe that if you are very organised and you know what you want in life then I think its not a problem , it’s the matter you want it or you don’t want it! -giggles-

So tell us , do you want to further into this modelling thing or , actually first please answer how long have you been modelling?

Venice –  Speaking of modelling, I feel very fat sitting beside you. You are really skinny.-giggles- So far I have been modelling about 4 years, 5 years now but I am moving on to acting instead of modelling and blogging.

What movie have you acted as so far?

Venice – I’ve acted in 2 movies so far, my first movie was “My Mr. Right”- it’s a Taiwan movie that was shot couple of years ago. Recently I just finish shooting for one of my latest movie , it’s a US film so it’s a horror film. Its called “Come Play With Us”.

What was the best job you’ve done so far?

Venice – I think it’s something that is really new for me which is acting. My latest film I think that I have enjoyed so much and learn so much for the past one month because I believe acting and modelling is two completely different things. And acting it requires talent not only just being pretty in front of the camera, it requires a lot of inner mentality and inner feeling for expressions to feeling like the character. So its something new and its really fun.

What was your most embarrassing moment in acting?

Venice – I wouldn’t say the most embarrassing moment but I will say the worst moment for me was during filming , which was on the first day on set and I did really bad because I wasn’t really acting before this , I did not go for any acting classes so is was quite tough for me. The cry and the scream because it was a horror film. So on my first day I did terrible, like really bad and my producer was like ‘Venice, I could watch it any more, I want to vomit’ it was so bad, till the extend he said that he wanted to vomit. So I was really sad but it didn’t effect me that much, I was sad but I didn’t give up, I took it like to motivate myself. After that it was pretty much okay, the director was like ‘ I am so proud of you’.

Venice Min-7

Do you want to do only acting or you want to do both?

Venice – I will balance it out, modelling and acting.

Do you plan to get an office job?

Venice – Since I graduated from degree in PR, maybe in the future , I am not sure. But for now I will just focus on what I am doing.

On the most interesting topic that many people wanna know, what is your ideal man?

Venice – I think my ideal man is someone who is independent, who has his own life and goals in life because I believe , not believe but seen a lot of guys whom are very needy, they don’t really know what they want in life and their life is all about their girlfriend and being in a relationship. That’s the guys I have met but my ideal man is someone independent.

If a guy is supposed to approach to you, how should he do it?

Venice – I like guys who are confident, I am okay with guys coming up to me but if the guy is really a pervert , like he is very ‘hankie pankie’ is like URGH…

Would you take ugly and rich or good looking and poor?

Venice – Not both, both is like no way..-

If you had to pick one?

Venice– Well, if he is good looking and poor but he is hardworking I would pick him but it depends on his personality. Its hard for me to decide. Its like so stereotype, it is so stereotypical if you would want me to pick. I don’t think I will pick the rich one because is like so what? I can freaking work by myself .

Which body part of a guy you find most attractive

Venice – The eyes, definitely the eyes!

What is the sexiest this have you ever done in your life? Have you cooked naked or something?

Venice –Ya ya I did actually! Eh no, no!

Do men’s size really matter?

Venice – Yeah it matters , it kinda of matters.

Venice Min-15

How often do you gather with your girls, gossip ?

Venice – Once a month, it depends if my girlfriends call me out then I will just go out. We don’t gather and just gossip about people, just like catch up! -giggles-

Do you think sex is really important relationship?

Venice –I think that the importance of sex in a relationship is highly dependent on the age of the said couple. If you’re older, sex is PARTLY important BUT  communication is MORE important.. Yes, sex is important to please your partner- but if you’re in a relationship just for sex, that is totally wrong in my books..

Have you heard about the Coverage?

Venice – Yes , its everywhere on Facebook ­– what do you think about it – it gets viral news and it gets viral very quickly. Coverage, a new platform , I think its alright

Do you have any passion in the media industry?

Venice – what I am doing, my passion in the media industry is what I am doing right now. That’s my passion. I would literally work every single day even on Sunday but ya sometimes I will get tired.

Have you done charity before?

Venice – Yes . A couple of times I wouldn’t say plenty, I still can do more. Charity for the orphanage in Klang, I used to buy them food on the weekends.

Doing charity , how does that make you feel?

Venice –I feel like I am doing something good in my life – ya ya you will feel good – its about time to give back to the people – its like when you see the kids are happy , you are happy and you are so blessed.

If the Coverage were to have a charity , you would join right?

Venice – Yes of course I would join!

Venice Min-9

How would you define yourself?

Venice – A workaholic. I would that say one word to define myself is workaholic, I am definitely one workaholic because my priorities is work. – you do enjoy work right? – ya – How does it come , balancing time with work, studies, family, friends? – my family is not in KL, they are like other states, so I don’t really meet them every single time. So I think I can balance my time.

Do you watch football?

Venice – (hahaha)

Do you have a local role model you look up to?

Venice– Amber Chia!

So what do you look up to her?

Venice – I think she is someone you can idolise because she has very strong characteristics and she knows what she wants in life and also she is really humble , that’s what I like about her.

What do you do during your free time?

Venice – During my free time I like to go to the spa, get a massage , hang out with my friends or travel.

So usually your free time you go out and have spa? Do you go out to mamak, are you a mamak person?

Venice – Yeah .. I love mamak food!

What is the secret of your beauty?

Venice – I don’t know, make up i guess (haha)

Oh, what products do you use?

Venice – lets just not go there hahaha.

Please explain what is your fashion style

Venice – It depends, I like something really simple, elegant and classic.

So where do you normally shop?

Venice– Everywhere!

How about the Pasar malam , Pasar pagi?

Venice – Yea sure, why not?!

Fame or money?

Venice– Money hahaha, If you are famous and you don’t have money – but with fame you can get money – if I were to choose one I would of course choose money, because fame is people like you, you live for people. Like money, you can just survive on money

To know more about the fame clad beauty, read about her here.


Miss Min’s Instagram : @venicemin

Miss Min’s Facebook Page : Venice Min

Miss Min’s Blog :

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