"I'll be his leg, I'll be with him forever," says Sister Who Carries Her Disabled Brother to School Everyday - The Coverage

“I’ll be his leg, I’ll be with him forever,” says Sister Who Carries Her Disabled Brother to School Everyday

This is a such a soul-stirring story coming from Yunnan Province, China.

In Guangnan County lives a 9-year-old girl named Zhou Dingshuang. She is an absolute sweetheart and the best sibling in the world because she carries her older brother, Zhou Dingfu, to Central School of Heizhiguo County everyday—rain or shine.

Weighing and standing almost as tall as her brother, Dingshuang helps her brother, who was born with a disability which limits his four limbs movements, in many daily undertakings such as wearing shoes and clothes, cleaning, practicing writing, and most laborious of all—carrying him to school everyday. Despite piggybacking someone her size, Dingshuang said:

“I will be his legs. I will be with him forever.”

Source: tenor

Before this, their parents wanted the 12-year-old Dingfu to give up schooling due to his unfortunate circumstances but young Dingshuang protested against the idea. She volunteered to carry Dingfu to school everyday since they both attend the same class.

“I will be my bother’s cane forever. I will always be with him, take care of him and I will never abandon him,” she said, according to China Daily.

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After hearing the siblings’ adversity, Liu Yan, a teacher who works in the school they study in, requested a special arrangement to make the duo stay closer to their class. The arrangement has reduced Dingshuang’s burden and now she only has to carry her brother for 500 meters (1,640 feet) from their dormitory to their class. Which is still quite a distance.

While 500 meters doesn’t seem like a long walk to you, know that the journey revolves around climbing flights of stairs and crossing the busy streets. No matter how big is the obstacle, Dingshuang stays resolute and commits to her words by taking care of her older brother. She also helps him with his homework after they get home from school.

When Dingshuang gets back to her home during vacation, her responsibilities are doubled. Both of her parents are disabled as well, therefore she is the only one that that can do the chores, which mostly includes washing vegetables, cooking, hand-washing the clothes of her whole family (four) and feeding pigs.

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Watch the video of Dingshuang’s life documented by CGTN here:

What a heartwarming story. We hope that the school can build some disabled-friendly facilities and provide Dingfu a wheelchair. Bless Dingshuang’s heart as well for being such a thoughtful sister. 

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Source: nextshark; photos: CGTNWSRTV


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