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DJ Leng Yein Warns of Sexual Predators That Pose As Photographers


Many beautiful girls who have a considerable number of followers or presence on social media often have their inbox swarmed by thirsty men trying to get into their pants and by photographers who want a photo-shoot with them.

Some of these beautiful girls who suddenly rise to fame on social media become drunk with all the attention poured onto them- so drunk, they can’t tell if a ‘photographer’ is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Many sexually twisted people pose as photographers in order to get a private photo-shoot session with these beautiful girls who then spike their drinks, outraging their modesty when they are knocked out cold, or just simply forcing themselves sexually onto these girls.

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Infamous photographers with hidden agendas like Roger Ong ( example ) , who have built up a reputation among popular models, are most likely unknown among up-and-rising girls who are looking for an entry to the modeling industry.

Not knowing the sex predators these ‘photographers’ are, they find themselves becoming victims to their innocent dreams.

DJ Leng Yein Warns of Sexual Predators That Pose As Photographers


Recently, Malaysian diva, DJ Leng Yein has taken to social media to help spread awareness of these deceitful individuals by calling out an imposter who tried to obtain sexy shorts from her.

To our understanding, Leng Yein is good friends with photographer, Brendan Lee. One day, an imposter who pretended to be him, sent her an e-mail, asking for some revealing shots he might have took for her, some time back.

Leng Yein felt that something wasn’t right as Brendan and her always used WhatsApp to contact each other.

She later found out that he was an imposter and blocked him completely.

Apparently, this imposter has been going around, posing as Brendan and contacting models that have worked with him in the past, to obtain revealing pictures of them.

This is a cautionary tale for any young aspiring woman or girl that wishes to make a debut in the modeling/ fashion industry.

In a world where testosterone-filled wolves exist, it pays to be careful.

Source : Leng Yein Facebook 

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