Malaysia's Hottest Female DJ Leng Yein Will Stop At Nothing To Be The Best Even After Life-Threatening Infection - The Coverage
Leng Yein

Malaysia’s Hottest Female DJ Leng Yein Will Stop At Nothing To Be The Best Even After Life-Threatening Infection

The last we heard about Malaysia’s hottest female DJ Leng Yein is when she was recovering from her seafood virus infection in a plastic surgery clinic in Taiwan. The seafood virus had caused her body to create pus starting around her lymph node around her neck to her back.

Leng Yein Flew To Taiwan To Remove Her Left Breast After Suffering From Severe Seafood Allergy – Life-Threatening Infection

Due to her swollen back, she decided to sleep while laying on her front, however, by doing this, she unconsciously channeled the pus to the bottom of her left breast which prompted her to fly over to Taiwan to get her breast removed and to flush out all the pus in her.

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【天理何在 · 律师大完!?】可怜的大马女王 Leng Yein 姐遭受男友家暴2年,刚刚台湾开刀回国,又被打得头壳流血,满身伤痕!请大家分享,这是为了向暴力说【不】!大马著名DJ Leng Yein 遭男友家暴2年,还被对方恐吓杀死自己和妹妹Leng Sean不止,刚从台湾做完手术回国的她还遭到对方爆门虐待!

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She needed five hours of Intravenous (IV) drips a day and has a tube inserted into her body attached to a blood bag that she has to carry around.

Source: Instagram

Although the surgery is successful, she is still in pain, however, that doesn’t stop her from being a hardworking adult.

Just a few days after her surgery, she had to fly to Macau for work where she shared the stage with Li Yuchun, Rain, Qian Xue and several Hong Kong singers. She wrote on her Facebook page that it was painful to fit into her performing suit and heels as she has a blood bag and tubes all over her.

Leng Yein and her sister Leng Sean | Source: Facebook

“The show was a success and now I’m rushing to airport to fly back to Taiwan @justmake_plastic_clinic and continue my Seafood virus and lymph nodes surgery and puss clearing process (that I had to put on hold for few days because I had to fly here to perform).”

Source: Facebook

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Due to the drips this past week, Leng Yein’s water retention level was ‘off the hook’ as she can barely fit into her undergarments, pants, uniforms, and shoes.

Just when she could get a second of rest, she decided to use that time to slot in a modeling job for Taiwan’s leading local streetwear brand – WOODSTUCK. Photographer Ed Wang stayed up all night to take the pictures and once it went live this morning, Leng Yein had to go in for another surgery.

Not only that, Leng Yein also has another gig coming up tomorrow in Ozoo Club Penang, and before she could fly back to Malaysia, she has to undergo another surgery, which means she would be performing with stitches and blood. Please give her a break ya guys, don’t pressure her too much!

Source: Facebook

Nothing can stop the hardworking Leng Yein, not even her boobs! Her determination to work even when in pain inspires many fans worldwide, she is a strong independent woman, down to earth and caring.

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Source: Facebook

Once again, her condition is not caused by her breast augmentation and has nothing to do with her plastic surgeon’s skills, it was all because of seafood poisoning! So stop spreading false rumors!

Below are the remaining pictures from the ad shoot!

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