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Relationships: The little things that matter – The Story of Matthew and Celine!

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I think it’s safe to say that most of us believe in the saying that behind every successful man, there is a woman. I truly believe in that saying and if you don’t, let me tell you a story of a friend of mine.

Matthew Tan Meng Ren is by far one of The Coverage’s most hardworking employees. He’s regarded as a fighter, an efficient worker and a reliable friend; and I think most importantly, he’s responsible. He’s consistently going around getting things done too.


Matthew Tan Meng Ren from The Coverage

Now, take Matthew as an example of yourself. You consistantly have work to do and sometimes you’re just out and about busy. Trying to balance a good mix between work, family, friends and relationships.

One day, you dropped your wallet and loose it. You can’t find it at all even after hours of trying to. In addition you have to go outstation for a meeting or an event; and you don’t have time to find your wallet.

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If you were in this sticky situation, you would figure that all hope would be lost and there wouldn’t be a point to really go out of your way just to find it would you? Well, that’s what happened to Matthew too.

Matthew described that he had lost all hope and he thought he would never get it back, in addition he felt really sad about the situation he was in right now. As he was out of the state for work, something really amazing – and sweet happened.


His girlfriend, Celine had gone about her way – even with all the inconvenience, it didn’t matter as she went to look for the wallet tirelessly. Through her time, energy and perseverance, she managed to find it!

Though she had only managed to find a few important things such as cards but not his cash, it didn’t matter because it was the little things that mattered to Matthew. He ended by saying, “Thanks you babe! Celine Isabella #mysuperwoman what am I gonna do without her! Love you B!”


Matthew’s girlfriend, Celine Ng holding up Matthew’s lost valuable after finding them.

Indeed it’s the littlest things that matters the most in a relationship, no matter how small it is, your partner’s actions really do reflect how they truly feel about you. That’s just my personal opinion throught a friend’s story. What do you guys think? What are the littlest things that matter in your relationship? Tell your partner about it. Cheers!



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