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Could She Be The Perfect GF To Rent For This CNY?!!! She Is Pretty And Witty!!!

I wonder, is it too late for her to also accept a fake lesbian partner for this CNY? She is completely my style!

When everyone was in the hype to rent a boyfriend or a girlfriend for this CNY as everyone wanted to escape those annoying aunties and uncles that keep asking “Eh, boy(girl) ar, where your girlfriend(boyfriend) le? Of course, if the question ended there, then I guess many of us can still endure it but unfortunately after one question then comes 100 others.

Okay, while everyone was busying putting themselves up for sale, Erica Long had most definitely caught our attention!

Not only her rates were very reasonable, she was also very attractive to our eyes! With that cute smile, on point eyebrows and a sexy hot body, obviously, she would the perfect one to “show off” to your families back in hometown.

She was only charging RM8 for one-time reunion family dinner on your side with zero charges to bring you to her side of the family. Crazy deal, right?!

Then, if you need her to be with you for the entire CNY, she is only charging RM88!!! Definitely way cheaper than many others that I have seen lurking on Facebook!

Do not worry if she will not be able to blend in well with your family because according to the 21-year-old’s profile, she is very mingle-able, and she can kaotim all your younger cousins as well as keeping the elderly busy with playing mahjong.

Of course, she also claims that she has “ong” when it comes to gambling! So it’s a good sign, however, if she wins she is keeping the money (totally understandable since her rental rate is low) but if she loses, you are paying for it. Hahahha…told you, she was witty!

Check out Erica’s hot pictures!

Oh by the way, just like you, I really did wish her “for rent” ad was real! Unfortunately, she is already taken! Sorry to spoil your CNY mood, if you thought you had a chance to bring her home for CNY.

Nevertheless, have fun with your family and friends!

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1 Comment

  1. Hang

    April 28, 2020 at 01:07

    is blue mystic sold in Malaysia? (YES)wasap+601117227296

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