PICTURES: Japanese Love Dolls Are Looking More and More Like Real Humans

advertisement is strangely entertaining and they invent strange but incredibly useful products. For all the good reasons, Japan holds a special place in our heart. Whether if it’s anime, food, or adult industry, we are always fascinated by the Japanese’s culture. japanese sex dolls Source: dhgate But one thing for sure will scratch some of our heads and that is sex dolls! They are used by a selective group of people as companionship but some even claimed that they are used as a method of rehabilitation, such as pedophilia. Don’t know we should applaud, laugh or disgust by that. Truly strange indeed.  These life-like figures have advanced so much in terms of technology and craftsmanship, they have become disturbingly realistic as days gone by. One maker, Orient Industry, has some particularly realistic dolls that could almost pass as human. Orient Industry is a Japanese sex doll maker marketed under the brand name Dutch Wives. They offer high-quality silicone sex dolls with the options to customize every feature of the body, from breast size to hairstyle, face feature, height, skin colour… etc. Now, many dolls are no longer idle in posing. Their hands, fingers, legs, necks, mouth and more are adjustable to fit your desired position. The touch of the hyper-realistic dolls is said to be even able to post a verisimilitude of human flesh. A few years ago, the company told Mirrorthat that the sex dolls got so real-looking even they had mistaken the products as humans sometimes. #ObjectifyingWomanLiterary 

Don’t believe it? Here are some Safe For Work photos of the sex dolls.

Japanese sex dolls Japanese sex dolls Japanese sex dolls Japanese sex dolls Japanese sex dolls Japanese sex dolls Japanese sex dolls Japanese sex dolls Japanese sex dolls Source: japaninsides What are your thoughts about sex dolls? Would you ever get one? Let us know in the comments below.  

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