Please Don't Abandon Your Pets : Singapore Man Adopts Dog & Abandons It – Abandon The Adopted Dog & Continue Claim From The Previous Owner For Food And Necessities

Adoption In a Facebook post, Tan said that a man by the name of Marcus Andrew Decruze had contacted her to adopt Lily in September. Tan said Decruze told her he “lives in a condo with 2 helpers who will be looking after Lily”. Tan then visited his house to make sure everything checked out. She said Decruze claimed that “his mother and father are Managing directors at Canon and HSBC. And also mentioned that he is related to the Sam Willows”. Tan handed Lily over to Decruze on Sep. 23. Tan had been paying for Lily’s expenses and necessities even though the dog was with Decruze. Amiss Tan said that on Oct. 27, Decruze had told her Lily was sick and needed to see the veterinarian. Tan made an appointment with her usual vet and said she would foot the bill. Decruze then cancelled both appointments. Tan said he claimed that he was “in reservist at Home Team”. On Oct. 30, Tan saw a post on Facebook reporting of a lost and found dog which turned out to be Lily. Lily was found at Sims Drive. Initially, Decruze claimed that Lily could have escaped his house and she had opened his kitchen door before. Tan asked why would Lily’s leash still be on her if she had escaped home. Decruze said that Lily was usually tied to the balcony. Tan questioned how was Lily able to escape the house, out of the condominium premises and to an industrial park.

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Abandoned After some back and forth, Decruze confessed to abandoning Lily at an “HDB area”. He claimed that his mother asked him to return Lily and if he failed to do so, his mother would cut his phone line. Tan then reported the matter to the police. Decruze pleaded for her to retract the report. Tan said she was in contact with Decruze’s mother and was “in the process of coming to an arrangement regarding Marcus’ actions”. Lily is now in a new home. Here’s Tan’s post: Hello everyone, I would like to warn everyone about this person. Marcus Andrew Decruze Aka Marcus Lim. About a month ago, I had to give my dog, Lily up for adoption. My father is Lily’s (My Dog) original owner and has been caring for her for the past 12 years. My father used to live in a condo with her and my grandmother who was bed ridden. Last year my grandmother had passed away and my father had gotten himself into a really bad debt. He had been evicted from his house and is now staying in a HDB rental. We had to give Lily up for adoption as she is not HDB approved. We have previously tried to keep her in a HDB and she was nearly taken away by AVA. I did not want to risk it. Hence I had put her up for adoption to a good home. This guy Marcus Andrew Decruze had contacted me saying that he would like to adopt her. He mentioned that he lives in a condo with 2 helpers who will be looking after Lily. After a house visit with him, everything seemed alright and he also has another senior dog living with him. He also mentioned that his mother and father are Managing directors at Canon and HSBC.  AND also mentioned that he is related to the Sam Willows. I have been paying for Lily’s food and necessities and even transferred him $50 when he told me he wanted to take a grab with her to Bishan Park. Last weekend he contacted me saying that Lily was sick and needed to see a vet. I immediately made an appointment with our usual vet and told him I will foot all costs. He cancelled both appointments and never showed up claiming that he is in reservist at Home Team. So I waited for him to let me know an available date. To my horror, I saw a post on a lost and found pets group and immediately recognised my Lily. He did not mentioned that he had any problems with the dog or had any intentions to abandon her. I had also told him time after time if he was having any problems with her I will gladly take her back and rehome her. He constantly reassured me that she was doing great and send me videos, photos and messages. After going to his house and knocking frantically on his door, no one has answered. Luckily, I managed to contact the person who found her and she connected me to the lovely people who have been taking care of Lily. He eventually confessed on what’s app that he had abandoned her and threw away all her stuff which I had recently bought for her. I was furious and made a police report, I have also reported him to the SPCA as I deeply fear for his other dog living with him. I have also found out that he tried to ask some of my friends for money out of nowhere and is a carousell scammer. He lives at Sims which was near where Lily was found. I urge everyone to beware of this person. On a brighter note, Lily has been adopted by a friend of the rescuers and is very happy. I have personally seen her just this evening and had to buy all her stuff like bowls, food, shampoo, ear cleaning medicine ect as Marcus had dumped everything. Once again I apologies if there was any worry or negative feeling caused. But the most important thing is that Lily is in a good and loving home.
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Update 3/11/18: Hello everyone I would like to thank everyone for your overwhelming response and support. Thanks to the collective effort of everyone I managed to get into contact with Macrus’ mother. We are in the process of coming to an arrangement regarding Marcus’ actions. Out of respect to the family who were completely unaware of his actions, I will be removing his home address. Some of you have contacted me personally, I would also like to thank you for your well wishes and support. If anyone has any urgent issues regarding this matter please contact me directly. I would again like to reassure everyone that Lily is in a good home and enjoying herself. I personally have visited her last night and gave her lots of cuddles and love. I have also attached a photo of her smiling and thanking everyone. Thank you all once again. Update 4/11/18: It’s really sad and unfortunate to hear that Marcus has not learnt his lesson. He posted on Instagram with @sylsylnoc as if nothing happened and even went on denying his actions to other people. I want to stress that the police report has NOT been withdrawn and I am still pursuing this case. Source : mothership

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