Please Help : Malaysian Urgently Need Help To Pay For Her Mother Medical Bills & Rents

Hi! My name is Mazlena. Yesterday my mother just got into a motorcycle accident and broke both of the bones in her right leg. She’s the only one who work for our family because my dad died 7 years ago. I’m trying to get around RM3000 to pay for our overdue bills and rents.

We have a restaurant but since my mom is admitted into the hospital, its been a mess. Right now, my older brother is handling the restaurant but we are in short of money and hv to pay the bills and rents by next week. If not, the electric and water will be cut off and we would.

Do not have any source of income. Some people might know my mom because she used to open a restaurant called Songkhla Tom Yam near the SMK Bukit Gading & Balai Polis Sg Pelong. We’ve moved to Subang Jaya, Tiara Tom Yam after my dad died.

My mother is a Thai and married my Malay late father. My older brother is my step brother with different father, so he’s not Malaysian. I have another biological brother but he is OKU autism, ADHD and not able to speak.

This is my last solution to find money to help my family. I’m currently studying but I’ll be pausing my studies until next year to take care of my mother and avoid paying for my tuition fee for now. I really hope, there will be people who help us because our family is in a bad shape, financially and physically. If anyone needs any more proof such as my mom’s hospital proof, my details, my father’s death certificate, I will be glad to share to prove that this is not a scam and I will be fully using any help or donation to help my family and my mother.

Thank you very much for reading. I’m only 19 years old and I really dont know what else to do. It’s really hard for me to go through this bcs I barely know how to do anything.

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