Please Help Mary : Jobless Because of Covid-19 & No Money For A Stall – Sells Nasi Lemak From A Trolley To Feed Her Family

Rendered jobless because of Covid-19, Mary, 45, pushes her trolley around Taman Desa selling packets of nasi lemak and mee hoon so she can feed her family. On a good day, she can earn up to RM80 and hopes to save enough so she can own a stall of her own someday.

Every morning, Mary wakes up at 3am to prepare nasi lemak and mee hoon for sale in her neighbourhood of Taman Desa in Kuala Lumpur.

By 5.30am, Mary is done with the cooking and begins packing up the nasi lemak.

Mary sells 40 packets of nasi lemak and 10 packets of fried mee hoon daily.

The flat in which Mary stays does not have a lift and living on the fourth floor means she has to carry the trolley and box of food down eight flights of stairs.

Mary and her trolley with packets of food is a familiar sight in Taman Desa.

Pushing her trolley around Taman Desa comes with its fair share of dangers but Mary keeps going in order to support her family of four.

She usually stands at different spots around Taman Desa for a good 10 minutes before moving on.

By 11am, she is usually back home and prepping fruits that she sells at a nearby mamak stall till 5pm.

Walking around the neighbourhood for almost five hours every day without proper footwear leaves Mary’s feet painful and swollen.

Source : FMT

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