Please SHARE : Malaysian Girl's Vellfire Stolen - The Coverage

Please SHARE : Malaysian Girl’s Vellfire Stolen

Somebody contacted us at [email protected] to seek for our help to spread this news out.

A Malaysian girl is seeking for the help of fellow Malaysians to help locate her STOLEN White Velfire , registration plate WC8162D, which was stolen from her home in Taman Sea, near Taman Megah , Petaling Jaya at around 8 pm on the evening of the  22nd of  November 2015.

Anyone with information pertaining to the whereabouts of the car can contact 017 – 2863093 ( Zhi Hao ).

Let us unite together as Malaysians to help another fellow Malaysian who is in need.

Be a part of the community that Malaysia needs to become and Share to Locate her stolen car.





Source : Ying Lai 

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