Touching : Man Pushes His Wife for 5km On Her Wheelchair to the Hospital Every Day

image Alee pushing his wife’s wheelchair. Accompanied by his grandson.[/caption] An old man with impaired eyesight pushes his wife on her wheelchair from their house at Taman Setia Jaya to the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital (HSB), which is about 5 kilometers apart, to get her medical treatment for her thyroids and asthma.The very faithful Alee Bohnah, a 53 years old migrant from Thailand who has lived in Malaysia for 30 odd years, had to push his 59 year old wife, Che Pora Saad, 59 cradles their grandson, Mohd. Shafie Abdullah, 8, on her lap, to get his wife to the hospital to receive treatment, became a heartwarming viral story after a passerby who saw them, took a photo and uploaded it to Facebook where it spread like wildfire. Alee told media that he pushed his wife on her wheelchair to the hospital to make sure she wouldn’t miss her appointment for her routine blood test with the hospital and says with the upmost sincerity that he never once complained about having to push her on her wheelchair to the hospital because he loves her and was sure that she would have done the same for him if need be. Alee goes on to say that he once tried to hail a taxi to send him and his wife to the hospital but fortune was not on his side. He hailed 7-8 taxis but unfortunately, the taxis were either occupied by other passengers or had too much load in their trunks to store his wife’s wheelchair. Since he didn’t want his wife to miss her appointment at the hospital for her routine blood check and treatment, he decided from then on to walk her by foot to the hospital every time she has an appointment. He chose to do so because most of her appointments at the hospital are at early hours of the day and taxis were normally not vacant at that hour and it would take too much time to find a vacant taxi to taxi his wife to the hospital and taking the taxi that often would leave a hole in his already unfortunate financials. Of course, using the MYTEKSI app to hail a taxi is out of the question. Alee is an old man who doesn’t know much about technology let alone operating a smartphone to use the app to book a taxi. Alee continued to share that he had become accustomed to pushing his wife on her wheelchair to the HSB hospital but every now and then, good Samaritans on the road who see him trolleying his wife on her wheelchair will stop by the road and offer to drive him and his wife to the hospital. He also sometimes gets offered a lift on the way back from the hospital. Alee explains that his eyesight impairment in his right eye has rendered him incapable of driving any vehicle. Alee plans to save up money to buy his 19-year-old son, the youngest out of three, a motorcycle so he can bring his mother to the hospital for her appointments and to send his grandson to school. The dedicated husband goes on to add that he is used to walking long distances as he walks his grandson to and back daily from school at (SK) Taman Uda, which is located approximately 3 kilometers from his home. However, he often receives help from the parents and family of his grandson’s friends who send his grandson home from school every once in a while. While juggling taking care of his disabled wife and his grandson, Alee looks after his 5 children that range from 16 to 28 years of age. Two of them are facing difficulties with their studies while one of them is mentally challenged. It isn’t easy for Alee to make ends meet. He works as a dishwasher at a local restaurant and only makes a barely sufficient salary of RM30 a day. Also, he can’t work every day as he often has to take time off from his work at the restaurant to tend to his wife when she is sick, send her to the hospital, or has to look after the kids. It goes without saying to say that Alee is a true fighter in life. There are no signs of weariness in his eyes and he continues to work hard to look after his family and wife. He is dedicated to looking after his family and has never shown any sign of giving up or frustration. His love for his family’s well being is wholehearted and uncompromising; his loyalty and faith, stands strong despite being shaken by times of trouble. Anyone who wants to help ease the burden of Alee and his family can do so by donating or contributing any sort of help to his family. Clothes, food, anything to help Alee and his family will be treasured with the most heartfelt of gratitude. Those who wish to donate money to Alee and his family can do so by sending him money through his Bank Simpanan Nasional bank account: Alee Bohnah: 02001-41-00002809-4. Anyone who wishes to help Alee further can contact him directly at: 012-5433410 We believe that everybody should unite as Malaysians and help ease Alee’s life as much as we can. We would love help from others if we were in the same situation as well.

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