Police Looking for Man Who Offered To Sell His Wife For RM6,000 on Facebook

Man reported to have put his wife up for sale on Facebook for RM6,000

Times are hard these days, no doubt, especially with the global economical crisis lately. Many endeavour the most creative of ways to ease their financial burden- but one man in India took things a tad bit too far when he put up an advert on Facebook offering to sell his wife for 100,000 Rupees (RM6,000), Tamil Dailies reported.

[caption id="attachment_9739" align="aligncenter" width="600"]fwniek A man in India is being looked for by police for putting his wife up for sale on Facebook[/caption]

Police in Madya Pradesh, India, are looking for the husband, which has been identified as Dileep Mali, after he posted an advert on Facebook offering to sell his wife. The 30-year-old reportedly moved to the state three years ago after getting married, and has a two-year-old daughter.

The man soon fell into debt, and borrowed heavily from family and friends, but was unable to pay them back. Hunted daily by creditors who wanted their money back, he decided to leave their town and went into hiding back in his village with his family.

When his wife went back to her hometown with their child to visit her parents, the man decided to put her up for sale, and proceeded to post the advert on the social media site.

The man who was desperate for money, put up pictures of both his wife and daughter, and asked interested buyers to contact him on his mobile number.

The wife, who learned of the posting from shocked relatives, filed a police report against her husband.

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Originally reported by NST.

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