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Posing As ‘Cops’ Is Most Popular Among Macau Scam Syndicates In Selangor

We’re pretty sure many of you have already heard of all sorts of scams by now, as more and more are surfacing. While there are many online scams, Macau scammers in Selangor seem to favor posing as police, Bank Negara, and Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) officials.

It is learned that between January and July this year, a total of 334 cases were reported where scammers posed as police personnel and duped victims of RM14.76 million, making this the most popular modus operandi in the state.

In the second place, the suspects posed as Bank Negara officials in 100 cases and scammed victims of RM8.16 million.

Posing as MACC officials came in third with seven cases involving losses of RM720,900.

According to The Star, they have sighted a script showing how the scammers work on scaring their victims into coughing up their life savings.

“The victim would first receive a recorded message informing him or her about a warning that they were being investigated for money laundering or other suspicious activities and would direct them to the department involved in investigating the matter if they press a button via the phone call.

The “officer” would then inform the victim that they usually only investigate big cases and ask if they have been involved in any large money transactions.

If the victim says they were never involved in such activity, the scammer would then ask for the victims’ full name and MyKad number to check their system.

The scammer then says that there was a case being investigated and informs them that an account has been frozen involving drugs and money laundering.

If the victim continues to deny involvement, the scammer would read out made-up facts of the case to try to make the victim panic.

They may also resort to lying to the victim that a subpoena has been issued for them to appear in court for trial and that failing to attend may lead to their arrest.

They would then tell the victim that there may have been a mistake and maybe a family member was instead involved and connect them to another suspect posing as a Bukit Aman officer.

The “Bukit Aman” police officer would then tell the victim that there was an arrest warrant and warrant to freeze bank accounts issued.

“The suspect will then ask the victim to give them all their banking details in order to check if there was any suspicious activity, they would then tell the victim to transfer these funds into another bank account (belonging to the syndicate) in order to avoid the funds from being frozen.”

Now that you’ve heard it, don’t panic when you receive such a call next time. If you’re not involved in anything of the such, do not panic and do not reveal your private information to them, instead hang up immediately.

If they’re genuinely calling from the police department, Bank Negara, or MACC, don’t you think they should already have your particulars like name and Identity Card (IC) number? Since they’re the ones calling you, why are they asking for your name?

Don’t tell me that you have a debt without the bank knowing your data? How stupid is that?

Have you ever receive scam calls before? How did you handle it? Share them with us in the comment section below!

(Source: The Star)

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