PPBM Has Declared War On DAP & Azmin Has Declared War On Anwar : Anwar & Guan Eng Declared War on Hisham & Muhyiddin Made His Move - The Coverage

PPBM Has Declared War On DAP & Azmin Has Declared War On Anwar : Anwar & Guan Eng Declared War on Hisham & Muhyiddin Made His Move

Cutting through the chase, the A and H in the acronym MAHATHIR to succeed the acronym RAHMAN of UMNO PMs will likely be Dato Seri Azmin and Dato Seri Hishamuddin Hussein Onn

Azmin is part of the grand design

Utusan Malaysia wrote: Azmin membuka langkah Jebat, memilih Jebat bukan lagi Tuah. He chose to take on Anwar and Anwar has accepted.

Yet there are those out there who believe Mahathir will keep his words.

Mahathir may keep his words. But, Anwar need the support of Agong and majority of MPs in Parliament.

There is the possibility that Azmin and Hishamuddin could form another party to takeover power from Anwar’s feet and made him into a museum display.

That option will have to wait.

Azmin has control of PKR Supreme Council and will seek to wrestle power from Anwar. Wan Azizah said he can challenge Anwar for the Presidency.

Azmin is not interested to wait and allow Anwar to settle down. He only need to rid off Saifuddin Nasution as Secretary General to be replaced by his people.

In the meanwhile, Anwar have given out the war order. Soon we will be hearing the Reformasi! Mahafiraun! chant repeat itself.

This time the likes of Khalid Jaafar and Institiut Kajian Dasar, where the Reformis of 1997 congregate, is on Azmin’s payroll.

Mahathir In Danger : It’s Anwar With The Edge In Numbers – Sabah Warisan & Sarawak GPS is Supporting Anwar

Time may not be on his side

Not withstanding his advanced age, Mahathir has to honour his own promise to vacate after two years though Saifuddin Abdullah and Salahuddin Ayub claimed no such time discussed.

DAP has not hinted of any change of mind and it should remain Anwar not Muhyiddin after Mahathir.

And, talk on the grapevine is Muhyiddin cut a deal with Anwar. Almost half of PPBM’s MP are aligned to him.

In the meanwhile, Shafie’s Warisan may not be happy with the attendance of former UMNO Sabah at PPBM’s AGM.

However, Mahathir is not likely to give up. He has the resources and a card up his sleeve. Vincent Tan is restructuring Berjaya Group.

Source : Another Brickin Wall

Warisan Shafie Apdal Support Anwar Ibrahim Against Tun Mahathir – Sabah Leader Hails Anwar as ‘Last Samurai’ to Fight for Sabah’s Rights

PPBM Has Declared War on DAP

There was public satisfaction to hear Tun Daim’s remind government to fulfill their election promises. While, oppositions were overjoyed with a false sense of victory when Daim called on PH government to stop the blame game and repeating debt story.

He even called to vote out the PH government for failing to fulfill their manifesto promises.

Knowing Daim is the scriptwriter for PPBM’s propaganda and PPBM insider’s latest number of Malaya parliamentarian supporting PM at 95, it is more than meets the eye.

At almost the same time, Dato Khairuddin Abu Hassan revealed to media of a plot to topple Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir.

Mat Sabu tried to play it down, but Khairuddin’s statement meant war was declared on DAP and PKR on behalf of Mahathir.

That way the old man has the caveat to announce a truce by later saying lets not fight but stay united and Khairuddin is in his usual boisterous self.

Lim Kit Siang and Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim said the same after their minions attacked Mahathir.

Khairuddin revealed the plan of Mahathir’s rival, which may have include toppling Dato Paduka Mukhriz and Dato Seri Faizal “Peja” Azumu as MBs for Kedah and Perak, respectively.

Datuk Seri Khairuddin Abu Hassan claimed that there is a plot being hatched to topple Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad from his post.

Khairuddin said the plan is devised by disgruntled quarters who were frustrated as they did not secure any position in Pakatan Harapan (PH).

“I can sniff their devious plot and they are scheming to oust Dr Mahathir from his post as prime minister for failing to clinch any party position.

Daim and Khairuddin’s statement came after Anwar and Kit Siang called for truce.

War Declared On Anwar

Many Malaysians realised the friction between DAP and PPBM from the conflicting stands of DAP-PKR vis-a-vis the positions taken by PM.

So Mahathir’s declaration of war is confirmed by the game he has in place for Anwar to deny him the premiership and in place Azmin.

Anwar maybe aware of the move and the refusal of several state leaders appointment was to avert an internal war within PKR and became basis for Azmin to jump over to PPBM. It is the same reason Zahid took leave to deny the 30-odd Hishamuddin-led UMNO MPs the reason to jump.

Although Malaysiakini report revealed the letter signed by 30 odd UMNO MPs was merely to ask PM to to not deny allocation to BN-won constituencies, the Game Changer party cross over plan is still on-going.

Dark Horse Candidate for PM 8 : Hishammuddin Often Meets Tun M In His Country Height Home – Have Enough Numbers to Form the Government

Muhyiddin made his move?

Mahathir is seeking for political control and is in no mood to work without two third majority thus having to refer to coalition partners before making decisions.

His off-the-cuff statements must be made policy and no more U turn.

It means Muhyiddin statement that PPBM will respect its understanding with Warisan is just another public pleasing political statement. Come the time, another public pleasing justification statement for a change in position.

While it is public pleasing of Mukhriz to deny he is returning to KL and any plan to pursue the PPBM Presidency, Muhyiddin is feeling healthier and talking of post-Mahathir PPBM already.

Privately, he told folks in Muar that he will be next PM and Azmin to be DPM. He claimed he had stuck out for Mahathir and sacrificed for PPBM, including money in the hundreds of million.

Apparently, he has also talked to Anwar and with Anwar, he agreed Anwar to be PM with himself as DPM.

Source : Another Brickin Wall

By now, it is almost pointless to discuss why it is not Anwar Ibrahim. It is a foregone conclusion the moment Rafizi lost PKR’s Deputy Presidency. Larry Sng and father Dato Sng Chee Wah’s tricks at Julau could not stop Azmin’s last dash in Sabah and Sarawak.

The only last hope for Anwar is Lim Kit Siang’s threat to leave PH in the event it deviate from the Malaysia Baru aspirations. And, PAN will act as a truly DAP’s poodle.

Hishamuddin Spending RM20,000 per month For each of the 40 Divisional Head & RM30,000 per month for UMNO 30 MPs – To Support Tun M

Why Hishamuddin?

But why Hishamuddin as DPM in the event Azmin succeed Mahathir and promised no harm on Mahathir, his children (and grandchildren) and their wealth in Malaysia and abroad including at P Ramlee’s imaginary nation of Gohead Gostan?

Well, not because Rafi Awang Kecik hate him and made some truly revealing expose, which few knew of, in his Facebook.

Maybe it is part of the deal for working to disrupt UMNO from within. Though Hishamuddin denied several times, he is the hand working to convince 40 UMNO MPs to support Mahathir. Zahid failed to read the ground that UMNO is more comfortable with Mahathir than Anwar.

It is not far fetch because Hishamuddin has family link to Tan Sri Mokhzani Mahathir’s wife. Jani’s father-in-law, Dato Mat Abid is adopted into the household of Hishamuddin’s grandfather (father side), Dato Onn Jaafar. He is cousin to Dato Najib through mother side, their grandfather, late Tan Sri Noah.

It is not far fetch because Hishamuddin has family link to Tan Sri Mokhzani Mahathir’s wife. Jani’s father-in-law, Dato Mat Abid is adopted into the household of Hishamuddin’s grandfather (father side), Dato Onn Jaafar. He is cousin to Dato Najib through mother side, their grandfather, late Tan Sri Noah.

Che Alwi Ahmad confirmed to Joceline Tan of Azmin’s presence at the gathering held at Hishamuddin’s house. It confirmed Hishamuddin’s collusion with Azmin. This is an open secret and became public knowledge when he attended the wedding of Azmin’s first child.

This formula is logical because Azmin is more capable of leading PPBM than Mukhriz. To Kedahans in the know, Mukhriz couldn’t care less and Mahathir is known to have told visitor seeking his audience that Mukhriz is a weak leader.

If it is according to plan, the name of the coalition would be Gabungan Perpaduan Nasional Malaysia (GPNM). The core members are MPs from PPBM, PKR and UMNO that have and will quit their respective parties.

Anyone’s first guess could be right to believe GPNM would be led by Tun Dr Mahathir-Dato Seri Azmin-Dato Hishamuddin Hussein Onn.

PPBM not only needs UMNO’s MPs, but also its assets and members. By having Hisham as Sec-Gen, he will get all that for PPBM and GPNM.

Source : Another Brickin Wall


It is said Taib Mahmud will back Mahathir, but Abang Johari is close with Anwar. Whatever the outcome, GPS will decide based on consensus and could support whoever come out as winner in Semenanjung.

7 from DAP to join Mahathir?

According to the Johorean source, there will be 7 DAP MPs jumping over to Mahathir.

After several weeks of pondering and inquiring, including with some DAP friends, it is not possible for any DAP MP to leave with DAP in the Government driver seat. There maybe anti-Lim family faction like those in Perak, but it is unlikely they will leave DAP and join Mahathir.

Not sure (more, not bothered to check) yet whether there are 7 Indian DAP MPs, but the Indian support could be the pull factor for Mahathir to secure for Azmin more than 20 PKR MPs from among Indian MPs.

RM2 Billion Game Changer

It was heard that money was brought in for GE by Daim through Brunei. It could partly explain the reason the Brunei Sultan was the first leader to pay respect to Mahathir upon receiving appointment as PM from Agong.

The money was meant to buy UMNO MPs for the Game Changer.

There were rumours claiming Yayasan Kepimpinan Perdana received €2 billon donation but its too obvious to be possible. A new blog claimed the money to buy is RM2 billion, came from Ting Pek Khiing, and Hamzah Zainuddin distributed it.

Time for Anwar to make his move

Hisham was the person orchestrating it for Tun Dr Mahathir and Dato Seri Azmin. TMJ confirmed him as a snake. His last effort to remain relevant is to position himself as UMNO Sec-Gen.

Azmin Has Declared War on Anwar

The bridge between Anwar and Azmin is as good as broken and not Rais Yatim’s burnt bridge.

And Azmin is potrayed by Joceline Tan as a leader capable to be PM#8. Trustworthy not sure. A former UMNO Minister also felt that only Azmin could succeed Mahathir. Will DAP accept Azmin?

Zuraidah Kamaruddin’s recent statement to repeat the attack on PKR’s leadership shows it is not subsiding despite her denial it is not meant for Anwar.

With Azmin openly supporting Mahathir, one wonders how Anwar will get his numbers to a 112 majority without some of PKR MPs, UMNO, PAS and others.

One hint is his war chest operators have returned from abroad.

It is not just Australia-base Dato Rahim Ghouse or the Real Mild connections, but his MCKK classmakes parked in the British isles.

It could be Anwar paying off MPs, but words is he promised without any down deposits. The other “side” apparently made advance payment.

Nevertheless, one UMNO cross-over to PPBM, Dato Ikmal Hisham of Tanah Merah would be supporting Anwar. He is all about business.

It could be the reason he is among the first three to be sued by UMNO for crossing over.

The others are Tok Pa and Dato Hamzah Zainuddin. Tok Pa was threatened with AMLA since he placed election money received in his, wife’s and son’s personal account.

Hamzah is the stupid broker assigned by Tun Daim to agitate UMNO from within.

He threatened Zahid to resign but upon Zahid took leave, he crossed over. He is supposed to stay in UMNO and with three others still in be shit stiree. Daim blew his top for his stupidity.

Source : Another Brickin Wall

Source : Another Brickin Wall

Source : Another Brickin Wall

Anwar and Guan Eng Declared War on Hisham

When Hisham brought Hamzah Zainuddin and Ku Nan to meet Daim, it was all set till Ku Nan was charged for a petty RM3 million. It makes more sense for RM300 million or RM3 billion, but not RM3 million.

Talk is Anwar and Guan Eng got MACC to move in and AGC to charge Ku Nan. Hamzah was fuming at Daim and deal was off.

When Hamzah still left UMNO, it is not so much he was afraid Anwar would be trying on his wife again.

Source : Another Brickin Wall

PH Is Failing, Reveals Anwar Ibrahim : “Lavish Living Style, Endemic Corruption & Greed” – Leaders Making Money & Helping Their Cronies

Anwar has no number, but does Mahathir have?

The current MP seat formation is roughly as follows;

Governing coalition :
PKR – 49
DAP – 42
PPBM – 23
PAN – 11
Warisan – 10
Ind – 3
Total : 138

Oppositions :
UMNO – 43
PAS – 18
Gabungan Sabah – 3
Gabungan Sarawak – 18
MIC – 1
MCA – 1
Total : 84

If PKR split into 36-13 (according to the recent declaration), and Anwar takes the 36 MP out of the coalition, PH government will immediately collapsed leaving only 2 options for TDM. Either he quietly and obediently step down and hand over the PM post to Anwar or he can advise Agong to dissolve the Parliament and go for snap election.

If a snap election is not possible (either Agong refuses or PH internal pressure forces TDM to give up) and a showdown is imminent, then Anwar will need to force all PH’s MP, particularly the Diam Diam gang to see if they will continue to support him in Parliament as the next PM. If this is the scenario then the vote will likely go like this.

Anwar/PKR 36, DAP 42, UMNO 15, Amanah and Warisan maybe about 5, that’s about it, total 98 MPs the most. Can’t form government.

However, if Anwar only want to go for the kill to get rid of PPBM and Azmin and support PAS or UMNO to form the next government the vote will likely be the following.

Anwar/PKR 36, PAS 18, UMNO 30, MCA 1, MIC 1, GSabah 2, GSarawak 18, PPBM maybe 2, total 108. Still short of 4 votes but this is the best alternative for Anwar to take his revenge.

However, if Agong is to consent to a snap election, UMNO and PAS could retake about 100 seats in West Malaysia alone. And Gabungan Sarawak will capture at least 15 seats, that will be the end of PH.

Source : Another Brickin Wall

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