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Prettiest Cafeteria Lady in the World ?


We’re not exactly sure why but it’s a trend for people to go heads over heels over good looking people with ordinary or mundane jobs.

This time round, the limelight of this trend falls down onto a cafeteria lady in Yangzhou University in China.


The university recently hired a new cafeteria lady and over-night; the used-to-be empty canteen was swarmed with university students. Many of her fans even admitted that having her working in the campus’s cafeteria gave them drive and motivation to attend class diligently every day!

One admirer even wrote that he gets filled with energy by just being able to see her and that he doesn’t mind going to the university which is a 45 minute drive from his hometown, just to eat food served by her.

Li, the cafeteria lady, who is about 20-years-old is part of a work and study program that requires her to work in the university’s cafeteria to serve lunch and dinner.

Though she has only been working in the canteen for about a week, she says that work has become harder for her thanks to her popularity. Her popularity skyrocketed after someone posted a picture of her in China’s version of Facebook, Weibo.

Li told reporters “It was just a part-time job, I never thought that i would become famous on Weibo. When I first saw, I was really shocked. I just hope that I can do a good job at work, I don’t want to be a bother.”


Many are going absolutely ballistic over this “Canteen Cleopatra”.

One fan even wrote on Weibo “The canteen goddess is beautiful, but her heart is even more beautiful. Her true attraction lies not only in her appearance, but in her friendly, earnest and hardworking personality.”

We guess the way to the heart is really through the stomach!

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