Pretty Babe Goes Viral As Taiwan’s Hottest Fishmonger – The Market In Taiwan Exploded With Crowd Lined Up

Liu PengPeng, 28 years old and a model, was seen at her family’s wet market stall in Changhua, where she said that she was helping out while in her home country.

But some photos have surfaced that show Liu could have worked in Singapore previously, but in a hotel bar. According to the report, she could have been earning up to 200,000 yuan weekly, which is roughly $40,000.

She has also starred in a short Taiwanese film for the police force, and even had to attend an event with the police mascot. Some reports have said that she allegedly had plastic surgery in 2016.She has denied that she had any plastic surgery done.

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Liu’s mother described her daughter as being extremely filial, explaining that whenever she has time, she comes back home and helps out at the stall, worried that her mom is too overworked.

In case you are unable to pay a visit to the Changhua fish market and want to see more of Liu. Here’s some photos from her Facebook page:

“Thank you for all your support!” she recently wrote on her Facebook page, and told her followers that she’ll continue working at the market. Their stall has since been packed with admirers hoping Pengpeng will handle their fish orders.

“My family has been running this stall for four generations and business has always been good,” Pengpeng told the Daily Mail. “‘To be honest, a lot of people who are here now are just busy filming me on their phones, I’d rather they buy more fish from my mom!”

Liu Peng Peng Facebook – LINK

Instagram : LINK

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adrian

    December 15, 2018 at 12:20

    If i were her, i would hike up the price 50% all fish when she is selling…..dont worry, customers would still buy since 99% of them would be itchyfied guys……?

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