Pretty Mom Zhang Ting Xuan Too Hot For Son To Handle?

Side note, this technically is every girl’s dream, in a way. [caption id="attachment_33979" align="aligncenter" width="471"]do_you_think_you_can_guess_this_girls_age_640_05 Can you actually believe that this woman is more than 4 decades old? Be honest now![/caption]   “Strangers I meet who are around my age would comment on how cute my mom was, and asked how did I win myself such a beautiful girlfriend.” Zhang’s son said, before he laughed as he recalled how embarrassing it was for him at first. As time went by, he found himself getting used to the attention and curiosity. In fact, the cheeky mother and son duo would sometimes play along with it. Talk about bringing ‘mother and son goals’ to the next level!   3 [caption id="attachment_33976" align="aligncenter" width="580"]21 Oh you know, just a 41 year-old mom chilling out with her teenage son.[/caption] Zhang is not just a pretty face without actual effort put into maintaining it. She was even nicknamed the “Gym Queen” because she frequently works out at her local gym and better yet, enjoys it! It is not impossible to trick someone into believing that she is still in her 20’s, and we all can see why. This has also become the reason that the 41 year old mother gets countless compliments and surprised exclamations on a daily basis. And ladies, don’t we all wish we were her?  

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30CED84A00000578-3427968-She_s_regularly_invited_to_demonstrate_the_moves_on_Chinese_and_-a-65_1454414335592 [caption id="attachment_33978" align="aligncenter" width="560"]10090603 Ask a hundred people if she looks like a married mother; and you’d get one answer.[/caption]   Zhang said that she takes six to eight meals per day and the thought of ‘dieting’ or starving herself never occurred to her. Yes, calm down, because this came as a shock to us as well.  The question here and now would be, “HOW?” Tip: Apparently fruits, vegetables and 30 minutes of physical activity daily help!   [caption id="attachment_33983" align="aligncenter" width="450"]Zhang Ting Xuan8 Apples, anyone?[/caption] This pretty mommy takes her meals on time and whenever she feels hungry, opts for healthy snacks the way we all should. “My main focus is doing regular exercises, as well as avoiding taking too much food stuffs laden with sugar.” said Zhang. Netizens joked that they can only imagine how much trouble her son must go through dealing with his male friends and peers. Well, when you know that your peers, especially the male ones, are (or not so) secretly admiring your mom’s physical appearance, it might get a little awkward to handle we’d say. Miss Zhang, please tell us your secret to such ‘immortality’, name the price and we’d pay!

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